Wednesday, October 07, 2009

From Boring Basics to Bold Sensations

From Boring Basics to Bold Sensations – how to dress up your basic closet pieces to make them runway ready.

Everyone has those closet classics, consisting of everything from plain v-necks and that little black dress to the classic white tank. Every basic piece of clothing can be dressed up to appear fabulous; it just takes the right accessories.
How to make your classic v-neck into a closet classic? It’s all about your choice of accessories. Be sure to check out different kinds of vintage brooches. Brooches can truly dress up any basic by adding flare and drawing the eye to a certain area on the shirt. Drawing the eye to the accessory will make the shirt appear extra dressy. Another tip on how to dress up a classic tee is to add a scarf to your neckline. Adding a colourful scarf will give a dull v-neck a bolder and more refreshing look.

The little black dress is an “anytime classic”, no matter what the occasion. Every woman should have a classic black dress in her closet. Even though, by definition, the little black dress is plain and basic, there is always room for improvement. To update your classic black dress, try adding a belt and see what happens. Instantly you have a defined waistline. Is this some sort of miracle? No, the belt helps define your waist and adds emphasis to that area of your body. I know what you’re thinking! If you are heavier and don’t want to draw attention that that specific area there is a simple solution for you. Add a chunky bold necklace instead. By adding a belt your eye is drawn to the waist but adding a necklace draws the eye upward and helps to frame your face.

The tank top is a classic piece that I am sure almost every woman owns. When I think of a tank top I instantly think summer; but it doesn’t necessarily have to be summery. A tank top is usually a piece of clothing that is worn under other garments. A classic tank is usually what’s hiding under that designer cashmere sweater you purchased last season. There are many ways to make a basic tank top a signature piece that will be vital to your wardrobe. As I said earlier, every basic piece can be dressed up to appear fabulous; it all depends on the accessories. To turn a boring tank into a bold showstopper, all you need is a length of colourful ribbon of your choice. Tie the ribbon into a bow on the strap of the tank; this instantly adds character. The second step to a fabulous tank is to add a long chain necklace giving the tank a rocker edge without taking away from the rest of your outfit. A decorated tank can be worn during the fall and winter seasons under a coloured solid cardigan. Remember, your tank top is no longer your basic it’s your vocal piece.

Now that the winter season is fast approaching, think before you blow your entire paycheck on new fast fashion pieces. Remember the style basics that are hanging up in your closet this very moment. Update them by accessorizing them and I guarantee that you will be the most fashionable chick in town!

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