Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fashion’s power tools

So maybe the girl has perfect skin, silky hair and a great body. But what about the clothes she wears? “You have a better life if you wear impressive clothes.”- Vivienne Westwood once said. So whether it’s a date with a really hot boy or going out for lunch with the girls, there is an outfit for that. Here are 5 luminous pieces every girl should have in her closet.

Tailor made: Blue Jeans
So jeans can be the hardest thing to shop for. They either don’t fit you right or they fit too tight. But girls always have one pair that they adore, cherish, LOVE! They make the girl feel sexy, and confident. A pair of dark wash, skinny’s or boot cut always win first place. Pair them with a pair of flats for a casual look or take out those stilettos for a more sophisticated look. Either way, bring on those compliments!

Put your best V forward: V-neck tees
You wake up in the morning, 10min to get ready and your world is crashing to a halt. You don’t know what to wear and now you have 8min. Solution? Pick out your favorite tee, but not your ordinary plain t-shirt, go with your v-neck to add a bit more, attitude. Pair it with your favorite jeans, shorts or even leggings and your good to go with just minutes to spare.

Belle Noir: Little black dress
Every girl knows your little black dress can’t hurt anyone. Whether you're Evelyn Mulwray from the movie Chinatown(1974), wearing a black dress with crimson lipstick and sexy heels to seduce your enemy’s or your Kristen Stewart modeling a little black dress in Vogue with a pair of chucks. Whichever way, your little black dress cannot disappoint you.

Bottomless pit: A big purse
Wallet, make-up, gum, lip gloss, cell phone, iPod, tampons, nail filer, cigarettes, mirror, receipts, snacks and the list goes on. Fit all your essentials into one big purse! What every girl needs for a great accessory! Be bold and flashy with bright neon colours for your simple v-neck and jeans or match a neutral bag with stripes and tights.

The “F” word: Flats
Heels are the bad boys that never last and flats are the good boys we want to keep. And really, how many girls last in a relationship with someone called 5 inch? Flats are more practical and fun, comfortable yet fashionable. Pair them with any old jeans or spice it up with your favorite dress. They have equal or even more variety then heels does using creative designs (E.g. bows, sparkles, studs, ruffle etc) in all the colours of the rainbow. Step aside Barbie, Ken has had enough.

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