Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What's In Your Closet?

The Modern Day Woman's Love For Shoes...
There are millions of women on earth, all different personalities, different hopes and dreams, cultural backgrounds, beliefs and values, but, one thing women around the world have in common: Our Love For Shoes! It’s something men don’t understand and women have hundreds of different excuses for. There is not one reason for the excessive amount of footwear we have in our closets; each carefully selected pair has their own reason for being there. Whether it is sky-high Manolo Blahniks or five different pairs of air force ones, we all have our reasons for spending a large majority of our disposable income on shoes.
The most common answer when asked why ladies love our shoes, is most often that it makes us feel sexy, sophisticated, and over all confident! Shoes will never turn their backs on us, not that we don’t love our clothes, but if we gain that 5-10lbs over the holidays we won’t have to jump into our shoes like we do our jeans, they just slip on and still look fabulous. When we go shopping and haven’t gone to the gym in a few months, there’s no awkward size battle, because your feet always stay the same size. Shoe shopping can do wonders for our emotional-esteem and physical-esteem, therefore creating wonderfully high self-esteem!
As in the past shoes are still interrelated with social-standings. In the medieval times, large buckles meant you were a very wealthy citizen because you could afford to buy your footwear with such fancy decorations. Some buckles were so large they would cover a person’s entire foot. Around that same time, women in Europe were distinguishing their social class by the height of their shoes. Known as Chopines or plat-forms, these shoes would range from around 7-inches to 30-inches, women walking in these extraordinarily, unnecessarily high plat-forms would sometimes need servants to help them move around. Now, some girls may still need servants to help them walk in their heels, it’s more about the brands that separate the rich & powerful, from the regular everyday girl. For some strange reason putting on our most expensive pair of kicks causes a light to go on inside us and we feel like a whole new woman. Bringing us closer to celebrity status one dollar at a time, it’s no big deal though, as long as we don’t shoe –shop ourselves into debt shoe shopping can be a hobby.
“I like to literally put women on a pedestal” Vivienne Westwood claims, and she is exactly right, when wearing a favourite pair of shoes we are the centre of the universe, nothing can bring us down (that’s how we feel at least!). Marilyn Monroe says “ I don’t know who invented high-heels, but all women owe him a lot” and she is right, so Mr. shoe man, Thank-You, you have given us a love, that even if it goes wrong, we can pay to replace or fix.

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Janet said...

I like the focus on once product. Not very repetitious like some of the articles. Brings something new to digest.