Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Run It? Own it!

The 3 Commandments to the Takeover of your night! Why be in that crowd watching them strut right through V.I.P.? Transform yourself into one of them! Run Your City!

I: The Attention Grabbing Attitude

Whether it is Caribbean Princess Rihanna or the Classy Goddess Beyonce, the attitude in which you have is the basis on the impact you will make on the rest of the world. The classy, businesswoman by day, and sexy, sultry, bad-girl seductress by night is the dominant look going for the IT-Girl look.


The attitude of Beyonce is defined as conservative and caring. She is one of the highest respected music idols within the last decade and, prides her career on making great music as well as keeping a low-profile relationship.

Rihanna had started her career being the Caribbean princess with an island-based music genre, pumping in the hottest clubs within all of North America. She evolved into one of the biggest household names to women, men, boy, and aspiring little girls.

Grasp The Feeling

The attitude in which to obtain ownership of your city and become one of those CEO’s of your major firm is to have confidence. Confidence itself will give you the power to control and influence those around you as well as advance your knowledge of life.

Try it. It really works.

II: The “Image”

Capture that feel of envy evaporating from the crowd’s bodies as you walk and they gawk.

Home from work and headed right back out the door? Whip off the business suit and briefcase and slap on your ultra mini sequin dress and those Louboutins and head out for a night on the town. Achieve this look with throwing up your wind-blown hair into a low messy bun and a rich pink lip-gloss. This brings the real superstar out of you and Voila! You are ready for your big debut.

The key to match your face to your outfit and keep it looking as fresh as the day is to limit the eye makeup to a neutral, and apply just eyeliner and mascara. Doing this prevents clumps and heaviness to your face.

III: Let’s Get This Party Started

Passing the line, Straight to the V.I.P, and No One can Stop You? Prove it!

So, your night is almost complete with your attitude and slamming style. The only thing that could complete your night more than ever is beginning and ending your night at one of the hottest clubs in the city. Its either Go Big or Go Home. Order that booth to fit all 20 of your followers, followed by bottle service with nothing less than the best, and dance your night away. At the end of it all, you were the one they were looking at.

You get this shot once a week, so make it memorable EVERY SINGLE TIME.

How Will You Run Your City Tonight?

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