Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Shop till you Drop!
Discover five of the City’s hottest spots to shop!

Yuppie Yorkville!
In the mood to splurge?! Come on down to Yorkville! If you’re looking for exquisite designer handbags and specialty boutique stores Yorkville is where you want to be! You can find the hottest designer labels such as Dolce Gabana, Gucci, Versace and Prada just to name a few. Yorkville offers you the latest trends and events in today’s fashion. It’s also home to the ever so popular Holt Renfrew. Holts is known to carry every designer name that every fashionista craves! When going to Yorkville make sure to check out the main shopping attractions: The Holt Renfrew Centre, Hazelton Lanes, Manulife Centre, Hudson's Bay Centre and Cumberland Terrace.
Shopping in Yorkville is a treat to many but to some an everyday routine, but keep in mind being a Yorkville addict can certainly take a toile on your wallet. So please shop responsibly.

Quirky Queen St!
Queen st West is Toronto’s hippest, trendiest and one of a kind shopping centres! Here you will find everything from black market shops to big corporation stores (H&M). The price range can vary from affordable to outrageous! If you’re looking to pick up some style tips and you don’t want to purchase a fashion magazine, just take a quick walk down Toronto’s fashion inspiration; Queen West.
Queen st shoppers are young, outgoing and fashion conscious consumers. They know what’s HOT and know where to find it!
Off Price Orfus Rd!
Yes! We said off price! Expect to find everything on Orfus road to be dirt cheap! This is Toronto’s discounted clothing market full of outlets to serve you! Here you can expect to pay anywhere from $1 (t-shirt) to $100 (leather) for all merchandise. Orfus rd consists of outlets and liquidation centers, so the styles might be a few seasons back. If being fashion forward is not a priority for you than this is where you want to be!
You can expect to find labels like Roots, Le Chateau and Bikini Bay here.

Electric Eaton Centre
This is one of Toronto’s biggest attractions, the Enormous Eaton Centre. It has over 230 stores and 1,600,000 square feet of shopping space; you can find everything from apparel to home furnishing. The Eaton Centre offers a convenience of shopping with the latest trends. It has two departments stores connected to it: The Bay and Sears. You will find only chain retail stores here, so if you’re looking for unique styles look elsewhere!
Due to it being a tourist attraction, The Eaton Centre operates on all statutory holidays; expect Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.
Captivating Kensington!
Looking for vintage goods? One of kind pieces? An experience when you shop? Then take the Spadina streetcar to the most diverse hub in the city; Kensington Market! The market is one of the most multicultural nooks in the city, so expect to find pieces that express diversity! You can find a lot of vintage shops, independent designers and clothing from all over the map here.
The main influence of fashion is retro, classic, vintage and funk. One thing you won’t find here is chain retail stores; expect culture and creativity when entering The Market.

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