Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ruffle Some Feathers
There’s nothing fowl about this flirty fashion. Twitter isn’t the only way to express yourself this season. Add one of these four tweet-worthy trends to your wardrobe.

Feathered Frocks
Feathered dresses don’t have to turn into fashion nightmares like Bjork’s swan dress of ’94. While feathered dresses are far from practical, feather prints are perfect for everyday. Take flight in an adorable feather printed dress. Keep it casual with prints on cotton, or take it into the evening with sexy silks. These dresses are sure to make you want to shake your tail feathers. And remember - feather prints aren’t limited to dresses. Stay in style with feather printed tank tops and t-shirts too.

Where to find it: Check stores like H&M and Zara for feather prints.

Flights of Fancy
Conjure up the birds of paradise with this season’s colourful new shades. Exotic purples, blues, and greens are among the hottest hues to add a pop of colour to your look. Pick up a peacock-inspired eye shadow for bold beautiful eyes. For those who are a bit less daring, add a hint of tint with blue or purple mascara, or brightly coloured liner. Nail polish is another great way to bring a splash of fun, and with so many colours to choose from you can sing a different tune every day.

Where to find it: Sephora and M.A.C. offer an array of bird inspired shades.

Pretty Plumage
Tired looking tresses? Break out of your bland cage and add some glamour to your locks. Give your look a dose of instant chic with feminine feathers. The charm of the '20s is back in full swing with colourful hair accessories adorned with peacock and duck feathers. Bring out your inner flapper with a feathered headband, or use a hair comb or barrettes to become a sexy siren. No ugly ducklings here!

Where to find it: Accessory departments of H&M or Forever XXI

Give a Hoot
Who’s been popping up everywhere? Owls – definitely the must have of the season. Seen on everything from t-shirts to accessories, owls are on trend. T-shirts are featuring both realistic and cartoon owls and are the perfect pairing for your new boyfriend jacket. As for accessories - necklaces, earrings, rings, you name it – owls have taken over every accessory you can think of. Can’t get enough of your owl? Bring owls home on a cute picture frame or quirky clock and accessorize your nest.

Where to find it: Urban outfitters is a good place to start for owl tees and home accessories.

A note of caution – While we love the feathered look, we don’t want the fashion vultures swarming around you. Don’t overdo it. Limit your look to one feathered item to keep it chic and stylish.


Janet said...

Excellently executed! I can already imagine this article in a magazine and i completely agree and love the trend! Its short and simple and well laid out.

Alyssa N. said...

Very catchy title- love the opening paragraph! Cute and witty! Love it and think it's effective in explaining how to wear the trend without seeming repetitive! Amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Very well written. Cute, descriptive and informative. Greta job!!