Thursday, October 08, 2009


5 Reasons to Get Excited About Denim Again

Jeans have come a long way since the beginning of the century. Denim has gone from being a staple in the coal miner and cowboy’s wardrobe, to a staple in the modern day fashionista’s. Even though styles have changed over the years and seasons, denim can get a little…dull. Don’t wear yourself out (just your jeans!) by looking for ways to make things interesting; here are 5 trends that go beyond the basics and make denim the hottest thing on your bottoms this season.


From skinheads, to punk, the acid wash jean is a throwback to the 80’s. The acid wash trend has been spotted on celebs such as Rihanna and Kate Bosworth, and doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. If you missed the trend the first time around, rock it this time with a pair of super high heels and a boyfriend blazer, without the big 80s hair. Find the perfect pair at Over The Rainbow.

It seems that it’s time for trends to collide when leggings and jeans come together. Since leggings became a staple in your wardrobe, how could these two wonders not get along? These super stretchy skinnies seem to be catching on, and quick. Dress your pair of jeggings up with a pair of heels, or down with a pair of tattered converse. Either way, they give your tired skinnies a break. Pick up a pair at American Apparel.

Have you been hanging out in your beat up jeans lately? Well, you’re right on trend for this season. Nothing is more comfortable than a pair of worn and torn jeans, and stars such as Katie Holmes and Lindsay Lohan seem to agree. Pair your distressed denim with a feminine top, or even a plain v-neck tee, and give your outfit a liberated, not lazy, edge. Pick a pair off the rack at Urban Outfitters.


Who said ornaments were just for Christmas trees? Though embellishments on jeans this season aren’t quite a big as a Christmas ornaments go, they are still prominent on a downtown edgy denim style. For a wearable look, studding around the pockets is the way to make a bold, but not over-the-top 70’s disco, statement. Check out Miss Sixty’s runway look.

The best way to get excited about denim is from behind. Calvin Klein, and sexy spokeswoman Eva Mendes knows that the most important view when it comes to denim is from the back. These new wonders will be on the top of your favourite fit list in no time. What makes these jeans different is a curved back yoke and pockets designed for a perfectly contoured fit – can you say instant butt lift? These jeans are part of Calvin Klein’s new Body Collection, and sell for only $100.


Janet said...

Catchy title, good celebrity references and a nice assortment of this falls trendiest jeans! I now have to pick up my pair of jeggings! Especially love the part where the behind is the major focus because it is so true!

Alyssa N. said...

Great article! Right on trend and very smartly written. Love it!