Thursday, October 08, 2009

What’s in your Bag!

Think back to the scene in Mary Poppins when Julie Andrews pulls everything from a lamp to a plant out of her bag, it impressed the children, and perked the interest of the viewers everywhere. Women will always put as much in their bags as they can. Whether it’s a clutch or a tote the bigger the bag, the more you will carry. So how do you keep yourself organized when your Mary Poppins tote is overloaded with items?

When organizing your bag start by sorting out your must haves into groups. Make-up, whatever items you don’t leave the house without, this could be just a lip stick and mascara or it could include your entire make-up bag. Your essentials, everyone has items to keep themselves clean and healthy, tide-to-go, hand sanitizer, bandages, moisturizer, sunscreen, anything that you might need throughout the day. Your electronics, your camera, headphones, memory sticks, etc. Your hair items, brushes, clips, bobby pins and brush. Anything else you keep in your purse can go in their proper groups. If you have any items you use on a regular basis, Lip Gloss, gum, cell phone or iPod they can be put into their own group so you are not digging for them.

Once you have everything sorted make sure you are not carrying things you don’t need, and you have what you will require, if you are heading to work or school a day planner and pen are probably required, but if going out for a day of shopping with your friends you probably won’t need these items. You are allowed to change the items in your bag for different occasions. A good tip as well is to clean your bag out every few days; everywhere you go you pick up a new collection in your bag so throw out what you don’t need.

Once you are organized small travel bags are the perfect tool to keep things in order, using bags with different pockets helps too for smaller items. They come in an assortment of colours and designs and usually come in sets so everything in your bag can match. Try to keep the bags in different colours or shapes so you know them apart, it would be defeating the purpose to have to open 3 bags to find something. Know what you put in each bag, and try to keep them that way, your make-up bag will always carry make-up. Once all the small items are separated into bags you can add your bigger items, book, bottle or water, anything that might take up extra space.

Organization is easy, stick to the basic rules and you can take it from your purse to every aspect of your life. The main idea is to keep similar items together, know what you need and use organizational tools. Keep it simple and it’s easier to stick too. Keeping yourself organized will help you in every aspect of your life, and your bag is the best place to start, it’s with you everywhere you go and needs to keep you ready for anything.

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