Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Great Dame Meets The Femme Fatale

Attention fashion lovers! If you're ticked off about the expiration date stamped on each season's 'it look' then you're in luck. Here are the top four trends that will have you looking ravishing from season to season. Whoever said rebellion chic and feminine opulence did not match was sadly mistaken!

Pearly Whites
Audrey Hepburn, circa 1961. The epitome of class and elegance. Simple white pearls paired with a classic black dress. Daphne Guinness, circa 2009. Satin black dress matched with an oversized pearl necklace. From classic to modern chic, the evolution of pearly whites has definitely transformed into something of pure contemporary opulence. From day to night, this transitional piece has become a representation of true glitz and glamour. So whether you're going for the simplicity of a pearl studded satin sandal or the excitement of an oversized pearl trim necklace, be prepared to be stopped! Because girl, you look fabulous!

Lace du jour!
Traditionally, lace has been the staple of absolute femininity. The delicacy and softness that each intricate detail of fabric brings creates the desire of romance. Taking a turn for the modern edge, lace has reinvented itself into one fierce must-have. Whether it is through unexpected shapes and trimmings of a classic lace dress or the soft use of lace piping on your favorite pair of black trousers, this trend is defiantly here to stay. So those of you who want to add a punch to that classic look, go explore the modern twist of lace-mania!

The perfect staple item in any woman’s wardrobe, the little black... something. From runway chic to the street, black has definitely become a predominate wave in fashion. Transitioning that classic blazer for that black silk blend jacket paired with a quilted pencil skirt, how could you go wrong? Since the dawn of time, black has been the go-to color. By adding your personal flare and style to the once traditional hue, there is no telling where you may end up! So whether you're paired with an embroidered black satin skirt or a more traditional wool cardigan, you're sure to look ready and fabulous for any occasion.

Beauteous Leather
Leather has unquestionably entered the world of fashion in full force! We're talking, the leather biker jacket, the cheeky embossed leather bag or the classic leather dud. We have seen the once bulky leather jacket transform into a downright sexy but sophisticated look. Faced with classic stream lines, ornate detailing and modern trims, leather has come back with a zest for flare and glam. So whether your a modern maven or classically elegant, dive into the wonderful world of leather with no fear!

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