Monday, February 04, 2013

Colour Me Confident

Colour Me Confident
--> Tips and tricks to solving the colour spectrum best suited for your closet           
You have survived the end of the world, and yes, this means your wardrobe still exists. Don’t be afraid! Here are some tips to dressing successfully whether you are the adventurous woman in highlighter or an easygoing gal in neutrals. The world is full of colour and now it is your turn to take the reigns and find a personal balance!
In the Shadows
         Having trouble-wearing colour? There are many ways to add a pop of pizzazz into your outfit without looking like you jumped out of the dark and into someone else’s closet. Hop out of your comfort zone and add a metallic pump to that little black dress or even a colourful statement necklace to liven up those dark shades of gray. You may feel a little self-conscious at first, but the baby steps make it count. The next time you are out shopping, choose a few items in colours that you would not normally select, take a deep breath and bring them to the fitting room. Then, make a mental note of the aspects you like and do not like about the item. This will open up your mind to many new outfit ideas and help you decipher what colours you may actually allow yourself to wear out in public- imagine that! Never hesitate to ask a sales associate for their personal opinion of whether you look silly or if that is just your judgmental-self talking. The golden rule: take is slow.
I Saw the Sun
            Find yourself wearing too much colour? There is absolutely nothing wrong with a bright denim or floral print sundress, but a pair of fluorescent yellow Doc Martens are no way to compliment such a fun and flirty look without making this ensemble an eye sore. Try to tone down the shade of colour from a highlighter pink flat to a blush pink. This will subtly compliment your once called costume into a statement and bring the whole outfit together calmly in peace. If in doubt, do not hesitate to throw a neutral in the mix. White will always compliment sun-kissed skin in the summer months, add a few of your favourite brights and ta-da! Your extreme fashion efforts are toned down in a notably stylish way, while wearing your favourite lively tints without over doing it.
Colour Palette

          Love Ocean blue, but does it clash with your lavender blonde locks? In comparison to the colours you enjoy wearing, there are many that compliment features that include your skin tone all the way to your hair colour. Here are a few dos and don’ts of tones and tints that will flatter your over all appearance.
Light featured ladies
--> For a fair skin tone and blonde-red hair, pastels are your best friend. Blues and browns will also draw positive attention to the colour of your hair, but try to avoid harsh colours that will contrast the skin too powerfully that will then draw attention in the wrong way.
Medium featured ladies
--> For an olive skin tone and medium-dark brown or black hair, try warm colours such as navy and variations of purple such as a plum or burgundy. Neutrals such as white will compliment the slightly coloured skin and warm grays are also best suited to compliment the over all look. Try to avoid colours that blend in with your skin tone i.e. red if you have red undertones in the skin.
Dark featured ladies
--> For a dark skin tone and dark brown or black hair, the more brights the better! This will highlight the darker tone of this skin and hair and make it pop. You can also try whites, light blues and pinks, but avoid dark shades. You want to accentuate your tones as much as possible with the use of colours on the bright side of the spectrum.

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