Monday, February 04, 2013

134 Days Of Summer
            The month of April will be a turning point for most college and university graduates. The big question floating in everyone's mind will be "What next?" Some of us might take a year off and pursue a different path, some will be interning for various companies, and some may already have a job lined up for them. Instead of holding our college diplomas lost and absentmindedly, we should be planning the most memorable summer thus far... before diving into the scary workplace world! The following ideas can spice up your summer and even allow you to finally cross off a few things from your bucket list.
            Be around water. Toronto doesn't have the greatest reputation when it comes to its polluted beaches, but that doesn't necessarily mean one must swim! Taking the ferry to Toronto Island, as well as exploring the island beaches and villages is the perfect way to escape from reality. It's easy to get sucked into the busy city life and to forget about all of the wilderness the GTA has to offer, and that's why summer 2013 should be about taking it all in! The Scarborough Bluffs, Mississauga's Port Credit Valley, and Toronto's Sugar Beach are a few other go-to places for water-lovers this summer.
            Go away for a while. Plan the vacation you've been dying to go on for ages... without ending up broke! Places like Cuba, Mexico, and even some parts of the Dominican Republic have great all inclusive week long deals that go for about $ 800 for a group pack. is also a great website when looking to travel frugally. This website offers 50 - 90 % off hotel and ticket package deals, as well as food. Another hint on saving more money? Buy a last minute flight. These seats go cheaper because travel agents want to sell as many flight seats as possible, therefore cutting the prices in half.
            Go for a walk. And I don't mean just any walk; the Toronto Edge Walk! What other way can you soak up in everything that Toronto has to offer? Test your limits by walking around, tilting forward, and tilting backwards on the edge of Toronto's CN Tower. Starting April 15th, the perks include not only being able to walk 168 feet above the ground, but you get a free entry to the tower, as well as access to the Sky Pod, glass floor and several other places inside. All of this adrenaline will only cost you $ 175... pictures and videos included!
            Skydiving is a hobby everyone has to try out at least once in their lives (unless you're physically unable to) so why not try it this summer? Imagine, experiencing a 5 minute adrenaline rush while free falling in the air, and then floating gently over land for an average of 2 minutes. And then being able to tell everyone, as well as your grandchildren one day! Tandem Skydive in Barrie is known to be fairly reputable and professional. Their prices range depending on what you would like with your deal (pictures, videos, or both), but they offer a $ 50 discount if you purchase a group deal at The Ex during the summer. So what are you waiting for? Start planning and start crossing things off your bucket list!

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