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Fabulously Funny

Fabulously Funny
Fashion has a history of being made fun of and of giving itself a few self aware jabs. From Funny Face to Ugly Betty, having a sense of humour has always been in style. Now in the internet age, the next generation has taken the sartorial shenanigans online. 

P'Trique C'est Chic []
Who would have ever guessed that a slightly overweight bearded man would become the next IT girl? When YouTube was going through a massively overblown “Sh*t People Say” phase, the fashion channel, The Platform, took the opportunity to burst on the scene. The video “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” launched both The Platform and P’trique. Right now the video has over one million views. Most of it consists of P’trique spouting slang and fashionable phrases, most famously “#totesamaze”. After the success of the first video, P’trique went on to do more. Coining phrases, wearing incredible outfits, and making surprisingly insightful runway reviews has made him something of a fashion celebrity. Just recently he did a number of cameos on America’s Next Top Model. The most intriguing thing about P’trique is how, after watching his videos, you start to forget that he is in fact a man. With his mad slang and insane style you’ll find yourself asking the question, “should I grow a beard?”

Model Files/VFiles []
Focusing on the comically selfish and inept casting director, Preston, this mockumentary style web series is perfect for anyone who wants to laugh at beautiful people. The seventeen episode series follows Preston as he gets into ridiculous situations; from stealing a model’s skinny jeans, to fighting for camera time with nodels (not models). The rest of the channel, VFiles, is a collection of man-on-the-street interviews, satirical news round ups, and short interviews with various cool weirdoes. Everything on VFiles has a teasing, self aware humour. Sometimes, especially with the short interviews, it becomes hard to tell what is acting and what is genuine.

 Emotistyle []
Got a problem? Shamikah and Molly will try to solve it sartorially and satirically. The comedy duo sing and banter as they style an outfit tailored to your life problem. Every episode, they are joined by their mannequin friend Patricia. Together they dole out such wisdom as “shy guys are like Pound Puppies, they never stop being grateful for your love” and “there is a fine line between fashion and instability.” Emotistyle also does themed hauls and OOTD music videos. Shamikha and Molly are everything you could want in a life coach; funny, adorable, and most importantly, stylish.
Look TV []
Look is a YouTube channel with a variety of different shows. Much like VFiles, all of Look’s videos have a sense of humour running through them. The channel has different shows with different personalities hosting them. First off is Sally Lyndley, whose topical fashion rants give off a Kelly Cutrone vibe. On Bedford Avenue Street Style, Daniella Pineda hunts down hipster style in Williamsburg New York.  Pineda also co-hosts Look Weekly with Valentine Bureau. The show is basically an open forum for fashion, beauty, and trends. Look also has a number of other styling and beauty videos. If you only see one of their videos you must see their musical review of 2012 trends set to Carly Rea Jepson’s Call Me Maybe. They basically took the melody of the song and changed the lyrics to make fun of everything you wore last year.

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