Monday, February 04, 2013

"Out with the old, in with the New"

Out with the Old, In with the New”- Tying the knot on the Beach. 

A 5 Step Guide to a stress free destination wedding for you and your Groom.

 It seems like more and more couples nowadays are trading in the traditional wedding for one in the sun. Seeing as it is that time of year again for weddings, we thought we’d give you a 5 step guide on how to do your destination wedding the right way, so you and your Groom have a stress free experience and a nice tan, no matter what your budget.

1. The Budget: It’s the “B” word that no bride really wants to hear (well one of two), but it’s the most important part of your wedding planning. Setting the budget, gives you and your groom a better idea of how you will make this destination wedding affordable, so you aren’t stuck moving into his parents’ house after your honeymoon (no one wants that!).

2. The Destination: What you should consider is where you want to say your ‘I Dos.” Usually, when couples think of destination weddings, they think it costs a lot of money. However, nowadays there are resorts and beaches for every budget. So, now is the time for you and your husband-to-be to choose which beaches are best suited for your fairy tale nuptials.

 3. The Dress: Clearly, the most important decision after you have decided on the destination. This is your time to shine, not sweat, so perhaps the ballroom gown isn’t the best option. You should look for a dress that will not only make you feel beautiful but will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire ceremony.

4. The Guest list: First things first, you must decide on whether or not you want a big or small wedding. Once you and your Groom have come to an agreement you should also realize that because it is a destination wedding, the majority of your guests probably won’t show because it does get a little pricey. Not to say, that just having immediate family there isn’t special enough! It will make it that much more intimate and stress free because not having to mingle with your future husband’s boss…well that might be a good thing!

5. The Honeymoon: Congratulations, you made it!! The best thing about having a destination wedding is that it will be a two in one spot for you; your wedding and honeymoon. So all you have to do now is relax and enjoy some quality time with your new hubby.

 It wasn’t that hard was it? If you follow this 5 step guide for a stress free dream destination wedding, you’ll be glowing and relaxed in no time!!

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