Monday, February 04, 2013

Vintage Treasure = Fashion Forever!


Does Vintage Bring You Back to Life? 

Why does an old, classic pair of loafers coordinated with a warm knit grandpa sweater catch your eye? Why do mom jeans accessorized with a classic pair of cat eye sunglasses suddenly attract you....MAYBE BECAUSE YOU’RE SURROUNDED BY IT! Don’t deny it. It’s everywhere you go. Almost every Fashionista in Toronto is Vintage inspired whether through movies, music, clothing, or the media.

How did this look evolve?

Ever seen your grandparent’s black and white photo albums of their parents or possibly their grandparents? If so, you have now seen the original Vintage look. That’s right, Vintage was first introduced in the 1920’s just before the Great Depression. In this time, Vintage was not a fashionable trend; it was all they could afford. From velvet barrettes to feathered head pieces, this generation had it all.

What has inspired you to shop vintage?

Take a look at our society, especially the media that we obsessively follow up on almost every day. What inspires consumers to shop Vintage?

Could it be the movie GREECE?

The gorgeous yet shy Sandy played by Oliva-Newton John blown the audiences’ away in the last scene of the movie where she proved to Danny that she isn’t this shy, fashion outdated girl everyone thought of her. In this scene she wore Black shiny high-waisted pants, and a simple off the shoulder knit top with her hair done beautifully curled like our Curley Sue, and to top it off, hot red lipstick to match her slim fitting outfit. GREECE was an inspiration that has not only captivated us consumers, but for retailers as well. Think American Apparel. Observing there store, could you find clothing you would see in GREECE?

What about our famous Downtown Toronto?

Observing the lifestyle Downtown is the most inspirational natural setting you could ever observe. People from different races, sex, and cultures have all developed their own sense of style which has embraced the fashion industry. 
And how couldn’t we become inspired without our social media?
Thanks to all our entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pintrest, has enabled us consumers to follow current fashion trends, blogs, and even designers in order to keep up with the industry.

But wait!... what about That’s 70’s Show? ...Just kidding J

Tips for Shopping Vintage
1)    Know where to shop:
     This is the most important tip for shopping Vintage especially in today’s society. Let’s face it, going to your local shopping center for a pair of Levis Is not cheap! However, if you come across thrift shops such as Kensington Market, you will defiantly feel more satisfied in terms of cost.
2)    Mix your current wardrobe with new vintage finds
      This is a smart trick if you want to hide the fact that you wear the same outfit twice a week. Maybe change it up with vintage accessories which could change you whole look.
3)    Think outside the box:
Never shop with only a certain look in mind, broaden your style selection. No one wants enjoys wearing the same outfit as another person, so be creative!
4)    Don’t be afraid of alteration:
If you find something you like and it happens to have a certain trim on it you don’t like or the size is a little off, get it altered! Just because it’s not the perfect item you pictured doesn’t mean you can’t buy it!

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