Friday, February 08, 2013

How to Find Your Inner Geek

Everyone has an inner nerd somewhere inside them; with these easy steps you’ll be able to let your geek-flag fly!
Remember the days when television shows and movies portrayed the nerdy kid walking down the hall? They would get the books knocked out of their hands and everyone would snicker at the way they were dressed. Well a lot has changed. Geek fashion has come out of the computer-lit basements and science labs and onto the streets of the most fashionable cities in the world.

What’s Your Geek Style?
Whether you’re a gaming god, totally tech savvy or a pop culture connoisseur, there’s a geek style out there for you.
Geek fashions can be categorized into two different types of styles: true geek and chic geek.
 If you consider yourself a true geek you can be spotted with an array of techy gadgets and your go to fashion items include superhero and cleverly phrased t-shirts. The chic geek gravitates towards fashions inspired by the nerd culture, including; pleated skirts, collard shirts, suspenders and eclectic accessories.

Shop The Stores
For the True Geek:
1) Think Geek (
The ultimate destination for all things geek! The website started as a way to serve a market that was passionate about all things technology, and they have stayed true to their geek nature. They offer t-shirts, apparel, toys, gadgets, and stuff for the home and office in a range of geeky topics from gaming and IT, to science and math, and television and movies.
2) Snorg Tees (
Home of all things t-shirts. Snorg Tees “specializes in pop culture inspired, random and all around funny t-shirt designs,” says Matt Walls, CEO, which as we all know, are the staple for any true geek. From storm troopers to math puns, this site has a t-shirt for every type of geek.
For the Chic Geek:
1) Topshop (
Topshop always has one foot in the geek chic door. Recently, they ran a campaign that mixed comic girl with geek chic that had everyone discovering their inner nerd. The collection included pleated skirts, knee high socks, t-shirts and sweaters with graphic writing, cartoon graffiti prints, pixelated jewelry and even beanies adorned with comic book slogans like ‘Kapow!’ and ‘Bang!’
2) Kate Spade (
This spring 2013, Kate Spade’s collection of Pop Art clutches and handbags is the perfect accessory if you’re not ready to go full geek. The assortment includes designs that range from the word ‘PoP!’ in graphic comic book print, a clutch made to look like a box of candy bow ties and oversized metallic sunglasses hailing a taxi.
3) Any Eyewear Store
Eyeglasses are the perfect go-to accessories for any geek chic style. Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, this add-on works with plastic lenses or without any lenses at all. Vintage-inspired shops like, the one’s in Kensington Market, have a wide range of style to choose from. For the ultimate nerd-inspired style think: large, square, black rimmed glasses, a la revenge of the nerds. 

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