Wednesday, October 02, 2013

In With The Old

In With the Old

The Quickest Ways to Get Yourself Out of Those Cold Weather Blues, Without Breaking the Bank

                Every time a new season rolls around, we find that we must completely reinvent ourselves, usually through our wardrobes.  As the weather changes, so does our weight, attitude, and of course, the clothing we want to wear. Each new day brings a new struggle, that of finding something to wear while dealing with the weather, and also continuing to look like the fashionable young female or male we want to present ourselves as.

The First Cut is the Deepest

                The first cut is finally saying goodbye to all the cute dresses and lightweight fabrics you have been wearing all summer. Next comes the tough part. You will be bringing out all of the heavy sweaters, pants, and boots. Although many people enjoy the fall weather, we barely see these days as the “sweater” weather season. Finally, as you are coming to realize that the nice weather is gone for good, you bring all the heavyweight clothes out of retirement.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

                That is the ultimate question as each new season rolls around. As the weather changes, so do the stores, along with the beautiful new merchandise they are carrying for the season. As somewhat of a shopaholic myself, it becomes so difficult to say no to all the new displays, fabrics, and apparel. However, indulging in the hot new items may not always be the best case. As we have been seeing over recent years, vintage or do-it-yourself may be a better route to take. There are no problems with buying staple new items for the new season, but  instead of completely ignoring what is in your closet from previous seasons, why not use them to your advantage?

DIY Diva

                Taking some of your favourite old seasoned items from your closet and spicing them up to fit the current trends at hand could be one of the most unique and rewarding experiences for a person.  Did I mention that it will become a one-of-a-kind piece? Among DIY, there is also the suggestion of vintage or thrift shopping. Without breaking the bank, these are two of the best ways to stay on trend for the season while you continue to update your own wardrobe. Just by walking around downtown Toronto, you can find many vintage thrift shops, as well as stores such as Goodwill, or Talize; this is a great place to start. There is no need to break the bank each time a new season rolls around. Splurging on key pieces may never stop, but it will make it so much more worthwhile when you are able to stay stylish, up to date on trends, and unique, all while saving a few dollars.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

                Reusing clothing from previous seasons, recycling used clothing from other people, and putting a new twist to your old clothes are all ways that can reduce the impact on the environment, and the strain on our wallets. Recycling and giving older clothing new life will not only give you a chance at that DIY project you saw on Pinterest, but it will also lead you to some vintage treasures you would have never come across before. So, before you pull out your wallet full of credit cards to splurge on the hottest new items, think about what you have at home, and what new masterpieces you can create yourself out of these old items.

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