Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Don't Break The Bank This Winter!

Don't Break The Bank This Winter
Holiday gift ideas from one fashionista to another, on a student budget!
As the cold weather sets in and the holidays draw near, we grab our knitted sweaters and cozy up to the special people in our lives. It is during this time when we realize just how many people we love…and just how many gifts we need to buy. Relax! Here are holiday gift ideas for everyone special in your life, without breaking the bank.
For your BFF’s
Your friends are present for most of your best, worst, and embarrassing moments. What betterway to thank them than with jewellery? The Marc Jacobs “Heart Slider Necklace” with Marc Jacobs hang tag will definitely show them your love, and the best part is it’s only $12.00 on Go super easy on your wallet, and let them think you splurged.
 For Mom
The most important woman in your life deserves to know how much you appreciate her heart of gold. So, let her know with a Kate Spade engraved “Heart of Gold” idiom bracelet. This delicate gold bracelet will make her smile, and the fact that it’s only $32.00 doesn’t hurt.
For Dad
Let’s face it, he doesn’t need another tie. Get nifty this year and sup-up his gadget collection. The USB rechargeable travel shaver is the same size as a smart phone and can be charged through a USB port. It is $29.99 on
For your Sister
You know her better than anyone, so get her a customized present. Victoria’s Secret has a line of “Beauty Rush” products that consists of different styles of lip gloss, mascara, nail polish and eyeliner. Mix and match any four of these products for $20. Throw them in a cute bag with a bow and you have a mini makeup set specialized for her.
For your Brother
He will most likely use this gift to embarrass you at family functions, but he’ll enjoy it. The “Propel Sky Writer Scrolling Message Helicopter” is a mini remote controlled helicopter that lets you program messages that appear on the screen as it flies around the room, in his control. Annoying? Yes! Fun for your brother? Yes! Plus it’s only $30.00 at The Source.

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