Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Don't Be Out-Dated

Four Looks to Love on Date Night
With another weekend just around the corner, you can almost feel the love in the air. Whether you have someone special to spend this upcoming Friday night with or you and your girlfriends are embracing your single status, we’ve got the perfect looks for all your Date Night needs. The key to the perfect date outfit is confidence – find pieces that you love, like your go-to blazer or that new clutch you’ve been eyeing and wear them with swagger! For your night out, don’t fear the cliché of wearing red or black, they shouldn’t be overlooked – delve into these hues as well as your floral prints! It may seem like a daunting task to find an outfit that both wow’s your date and satisfies your inner-fashionista; however, these four looks are guaranteed to stun any mirror or date!

Look 1: Flowers and Dinner
If you and your special someone are stepping out for dinner, bring your own flowers to the date with a pair of floral-printed trousers! Keep it simple on top with a crisp off-white blazer while adding some edge with a metal box clutch and black ankle boots. And if there is a 4-letter word that you’ve been meaning to say, let a ‘love’ necklace say it for you!

Look 2: All the Single Ladies
For all you single ladies, celebrate your weekend lovin’ for your girlfriends in a LRD (little red dress)! Although any shade of red will make you stand out in a sea of LBDs (little black dresses), take it further with oxblood red. The color is on trend this season, and the deep hue is extremely flattering for all body types. It may just catch the eye of that cute bartender! Let’s cheers to that!

Look 3: Wrap It Up
For a late night rendezvous for drinks or dancing, you can definitely step up the wow factor! Accentuate your assets (literally!) with a backless dress, which provides the perfect amount of sex appeal. A zippered detail up the back instantly ties you up like a present ready to be unwrapped (or unzipped!). With a statement dress, you can take it easy on the accessories – style it up with a platform heel and accessorize the entire outfit with your killer confidence and you’ll be ready for a night on the town!

Look 4: Clothing Optional
With the endless movie choices on Netflix, there are just some Friday nights where it seems impossible to leave the house. Snuggle up to your boyfriend in matching sweats or show off your legs to that cute pizza boy in cut-off boy shorts. The key here is comfort—comfort food, comfort films and comfort clothes!

Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, stay true to your personal style. Take these date night outfits and add your own flare with your favorite accessories and hairstyle; don’t forget your confidence at home—these are looks you’ll want to rock on your night out.

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