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How To wear False Eyelashes

False eyelashes can be a big hit or a miss! They can make you look HOT or a hot MESS! However if you choose the right ones and practise to apply them you can be sure that you only look hot. While a perfect pair can finish your look perfectly, but choose the wrong ones and you can look way overdressed, or you can easily reveal your secret! False eyelashes have come a long way since the seventies when women wore huge, gaudy varieties that easily looked fake. These days many women wear them to enhance their eyes, since they add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. Whether it’s the celebs on the red carpet or women going about their day-to-day business, everyone wants to enhance their features and look fresh and beautiful while not looking fake. In order to do so it is Important that you must also choose a pair of lashes that don’t look false.
 There are several of options of choosing the right type of lashes for your convenience and needs available in the market today: Like a full set of a full set of eyelashes or even a set that has separate individual lashes. A full set is used create lush, and voluminous lashes whereas individual lashes fill out your own sparse ones. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on false lashes, you can get great ones in the drugstore beauty aisles and use them a couple times before throwing away. But if you want you can also get the ‘branded’ ones from different cosmetic   companies that come for about $20 - 50. Here are our top five picks from the huge lot that’s available out there:
  1. She Uemura False Eyelashes are the best ones available in the market today and it’s not just us that’s saying this but almost all the makeup gurus over the internet different blogs that agree with us. They are subtle enough for daytime chic, and inject just enough glamour into the eyes. They are not just easy to apply but also last for weeks so you can easily reuse them again and again.
  2. Sephora’s Glittery False Eyelashes are a little more towards the dramatic side but at the same time these lashes are just divine. The feathers are light and soft, and don’t restrict your vision at all! They are very easy to apply, and always make a huge impact!
  3. Sephora’s False Eyelashes are perfect for you if you want a thicker and blacker look! These lashes sit perfectly on top of your natural ones, and at the same time give you a jet black and very sultry look. To top it all use a black kohl pencil, and smoky eye shadow will surely get your eyes all the compliments.
  4. Sephora’s Flirt It! -Lash-Duo False Lashes are a little diverse from your conventional false eyelashes. Instead of going over your natural lashes, these tiny individual strips merge with your natural lashes and enhance what you’ve got and give you a very flirty flutter.
  5. Laura Mercier Faux Lashes are Long, yet not too long, thick yet not too thick to be an obvious fake, these false lashes are the best for girls with blond hair and those who want their lashes to have a more thicker enhanced or even big jet black yet a very natural look. These lashes are mentioned at the last but not the least of any of the options mentioned before! They are also super easy to apply on as well.
Now that you know the WHICH TO’S here are 7 easy steps to HOW TO’S to achieve more fuller yet natural looking false lashes.
1.    Peek - A – Boo! The first step is to look at your own eyelashes. How do they look? Are they short, thin, long, thick, or average? Depending on the look and condition of your natural eyelashes, you’ll want to get falsies that are somewhat similar to your own lashes so that they can easily blend in with the false ones.
2.    Shop Till you Drop! Size Does Matter! Because in order to get the right type of lashes it is important that you check out a pair of lashes that are similar to your own but has a relatively thin band. You wouldn’t want to get a pair of lashes that has a thick band since they need to be applied very close to the natural lash line for a more real look, which can be fairly difficult if you are a newbie. Don’t forget to get the lash adhesive!
3.     Size Does Matter! Because in order to achieve the natural lash look is important that the false lash easily fits your lashline and the edges doesn’t come out from the sides. So it is important that you carefully peel one lash strip off the packaging and measure it. It’s most likely that the lashes you bought are too long for your eye so get some scissors and trim the outer edges of the strip. Similarly, if the lashes are too long for your liking, you can also trim the length. But remember that you should not cut the inner strip because it contains some shorter lashes that help the falsies look more natural.
4.    Gettin’ Sticky with It! apply a thin line of eyelash adhesive to the band. Though the glue looks white when you first apply it, don’t worry because it gets transparent as it dries off and easily blends in with your eyelashes. You can either wait for the glue to dry off a little bit and then apply your false lashes strip on it or you can even apply them while it’s still wet. Either way it doesn’t go wrong.
5.    Lash Out! As this suggests is the hardest of all steps especially if you are new at this. If your falsies happened to come with an applicator, you can use that to pick up the lash and set it as close to your natural lash line as possible. If not, you can use tweezers or your fingers to pick up the lashes and set down one corner at a time and hold on while you go towards the other corner of the eye. Remember that you are supposed to apply your eye makeup before you put your lashes on. If necessary you can always go back and fix your eye shadow. But applying it after you have applied your lashes would give it a very tacky and uneven look. 
6.    Get Your Curl on, Gurl! It is important to fuse your natural lashes and false lashes together with an eyelash curler. This will help them to blend in and look more natural. After this apply an eyeliner so that the line where the false lashes are stuck is no longer visible.
  1. The Massacre! The last and final step is to apply mascara. This step also helps to make your falsies look more natural by further blending the natural and false lashes together as well as helping give your eyes more of a pop!
So now that you know how to apply eyelashes are you ready to try out some natural looking false lashes?! It might be frustrating at first, but it gets easier with practise and time. Remember, if you want to reuse your false eyelashes you can do so but remember to take them off gently so that you don’t tear them apart and ruin them. It is also important that you clean them in order to avoid any sort of infection or discomfort upon applying them again.
False eyelashes never go out of fashion ever! No matter what the season and/or time and era. What does change is the styles in which one can apply the lashes. If done right the end results of false eyelashes are priceless! There is no easier way to achieve a dramatic look for eyes or just turn your look up a notch for a special event or even for a normal day at work.

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