Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Top Shopper!

The Top Shopper!
How to make the most of your wardrobe and shop like a pro!
Each season we are faced with the task of renewing our wardrobe. This can be a lot of fun, or, if you’re on a tight budget, a very daunting task! To avoid wasting time and money, here are 6 helpful steps to make the most of your budget and your existing wardrobe!

Step 1 – Check it Out!
Start familiarizing yourself with new trends and fresh looks approximately one to three months before the coming season. Street style blogs, websites and magazines are a great source of inspiration. Organize magazine clips, save electronic pictures in a file or start a mood board of your favourite looks and pieces that typically flatter your body type - this is going to give you a visual and help to narrow your focus for the coming season!

Step 2 – What’s in the Closet?
Take a look at your current wardrobe and look for pieces that will contribute to what you`re trying to achieve. Keep in mind current textures, colours of the season, silhouettes and layering pieces. If you`ve got a good selection of basics, you’ll likely find a few things that will work for next season. Also, consider shoes and accessories and which of these will complement each look. Often times’ past trends will come back around (grunge, velvet, fur, etc.), this is going to help your budget and also make use of relevant pieces you already own.

Step 3 – Who makes the cut?
The next step is to narrow down the pieces you’re going to purchase. When deciding on a piece, think about what you already own that you can combine it with. Keep in mind any pieces you may need for layering, shoes, and if necessary an outer layer. By this time new styles will have started to hit the shelves and if you’re going with a silhouette you’ve never tried before you may want to take the liberty of dedicating a few hours to trying things on. This will eliminate any looks that don’t work for you or your body shape. Remember – not every style is going to work for everyone! If you find yourself in this situation you’ve got to let it go! Move on to something that is going to flatter your shape and makes you feel great!

Step 4 – Research Amundo!
The last important step before making a purchase is to do your research! Source out the pieces you want to buy and decide where to buy it. When it comes to the seasons’ trendy items it’s best to look for a good deal from a credible retailer with mid-range pricing. When it comes to classic pieces this is where you’ll want to spend the money on a good quality piece. Items like a tailored trench, a classic white shirt or a stylish black bag, will always be relevant and wearable, so if you’re budget allows it, invest in a high quality piece that you love!

Step 5 – Outfit thyself
Start putting together combinations, find looks that work and think about appropriate occasions to wear them too. Take snapshots of each look and keep them on hand for reference – not only will this save you time, but also from forgetting about items that get pushed to the back of your closet and the dreaded “I’ve got nothing to wear” phenomena!

Step 6 - Take a nap!
You’re going to be so tired from looking so fabulous that a cat nap may just be in order ;)

Happy Shopping!

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