Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My Eyelash and Eye

My Eyelash & Eye
How to make your eyes pop with false eyelashes

Why bother?
The obvious answer is that it helps to bring out your eyes more. This is especially helpful during the winter when your face may be buried in a bundle of scarves and hats. Or, if you have poofy or curly hair, this also helps to bring your eyes out from under the shadow of your hair. Your hair, your hat, and your scarf should all be accessories that help enhance your look, not something that steals the spotlight and you want that spotlight to be on your facial features.

Lashes Vs. Liners
You may be wondering what false eyelashes can do that eyeliner and eye shadow can’t already do for you. The answer is that they can help to bring your eyes out even than eyeliner or eye shadow can without looking too ridiculous. We all know that as unique individuals, people have different shaped eyes. Many people have a fold of skin above their eye that can sometimes make it hard to apply eyeliner. The fold will cover the eyeliner and won’t be seen when your eyes are open. However, you don’t want to apply eyeliner all over your lid because it will end up looking like too much eyeliner when you blink or close your eyes. In other cases, you may be going for a more natural look, and you don’t want to go too heavy on the eye shadow. False lashes can come in handy because you can just apply a bit of eyeliner and then stick the lashes on. The lashes will go over the folds of your eye and won’t look like too much makeup whether your eyes are opened or closed.

Which kind should I buy?
This really depends on the length of your natural eyelashes as well as how exaggerated of a look you want to achieve. If you already have long natural eyelashes you wouldn’t need to buy very thick or very long false eyelashes. You may not even need to buy them at all if you make use of some good mascara. On the other hand, if your natural eyelashes are next to non-existent, you may want to get something longer and thicker. But again, what you should buy also largely depends on the kind of look you want. You may like the fake look that falsies can provide. For this you want to get a set that is relatively even on the ends and rather long and thick. If you prefer your lashes to be more natural, you should look for a pair that is not as even on the ends and thinner looking. These may look almost like what real lashes would look like, except longer. For a more exaggerated look that isn’t too fake, look for a pair of lashes that are uneven on the ends, and are long and thick. These will usually have sections of lashes that are long and sections of lashes that are short that appear in an alternative manner. These may look too fake and neat at first, but they look quite natural when applied correctly. The sections of hair that are long serve to make the eyelashes look more prominent. You can see the separation between the hairs even from a distance because the groups of long hairs together make them thick enough to be seen.
Still not sure what to get? Try looking up different pictures and videos on the web. Experiment with different lashes to see what looks best! Even if you’re not going out, it’s always fun to just test out new styles of makeup that will keep your face looking fresh everyday!

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