Wednesday, October 02, 2013

GORGEOUS HAIR for the tres social, very busy fashionista.

On the go? Feeling your boring hair is dragging down the look of your thousand dollar jimmy choos? You’ve come to the right place for hair tips & tricks for the always stylish you. Every girl knows that the finishing touch to any fabulous outfit is the overall portrayal of her hair. We all envy the cover girl models whom have had hours to spare all morning designated specifically to glamifying their hair. However, back to reality; us girls always have something to do and finding the time to perfect our hairstyle does not always fit into the schedule.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #1: Dry shampoo. This product is a gift from the hair gods. A couple quick sprays at the root of your hair and you look like you’ve just come from a fifty dollar blow-dry. Proceed to taking a few minutes to style the ends with a curling iron, or straightener and you are camera ready for a fabulous day of working and meeting your girlfriends for drinks.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #2: The essential chic hat. Try floppy or fedora for most envy. Although baseball caps portray laziness; the trendy hat worn by a fashionista is known to turn heads. Simply top off your designer outfit with a hat after brushing your hair, or placing it into a low bun and you are ready for a golden day.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #3: Investing in a hot roller will be the icing to your low-fat cake. We all know that sleek, straight hair does not take much time. Therefore, every girl envies the full-blown, volumous waves that are sure to boost your level of confidence. Simply twist your hair into the rollers as you wake up, enjoy your morning coffee and apply your Dior mascara as the rollers glamorize your hair. Simply spray some hairspray after the rollers have sat from 20-45 minutes and you are done. Feeling great; you are bound to enjoy your day.

Gorgeous Hair Tip #4: Braided curls. The braid can be worn so many ways and always gives you great volume. Simply braid your hair before bed when the morning comes untie your elastic, brush through your hair and give it a spray with your John Frieda Luxurious Volume hairspray for extra hold and added texture. Apply your makeup, dress yourself; put on your favorite Michael Kors watch and you are ready for a fabulous day.

Always be as on trend as you are with your fashion with your hair and increase the amount of envy you already receive from your Jimmy Choo shoes by fellow fashionistas passing by. First impressions always count and you never know whom you’re going to meet. Top off your fabulous outfit and glamified hair with a smile and some gloss and you are bound to have a very enjoyable day! 

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