Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules
Are fashion rules of the past still relevant today?

The past has plagued our fashion wardrobe with rules regarding our clothing choices for much of our livelihoods. Some of us may not know why we’re following them, or perhaps we don’t even realize we are. The following are some of the most tried and true fashion rules of the past. The question is, in today’s world, are they really still true?

White after Labor Day
We’ve all heard it; we’ve all done it. Is it for fear of blending in with the snow, or is winter really so bad, we have to mourn the loss of summer in somber fall tones? There are a few theories surrounding the origin of this rule. One is women avoiding their floor length dresses from getting wet and dirty during their journeys on gravel roads. Another theory is prior to the age of air conditioners and skimpy clothing, wearing white in the summer months was the practical thing to do to stay cool. What ever the reason may be, today white has a presence in every season including the wet and snow filled winters of Toronto. Winter whites anyone??

Socks…With Sandals?
Based on popular opinion, socks and sandals would be considered one of the top fashion faux pas of the past- at least if you wanted to preserve a shred of dignity. Besides the fact that socks and sandals worn simultaneously is contradictory, people are just generally put off by this fashion “statement”. Surprising, the sock-sandal combo becoming fashionable is not so new. Major designers like Luis Vuitton, Burberry and Prada have all debuted this trend in a variety of ways and in numerous runway shows. Today, we see socks with stilettos, socks with peep-toe pumps and socks with, dare I say, crocs! It’s safe to say, many have broken this rule for years, but the fashion world is following suite now more than ever.

It’s all in the Mix
Floral paired with polka dots or plaid with stripes. Mixing prints, not too long ago was like mixing ice cream and tuna fish- just plain wrong. But, just like many other rules of the past, this one has seemed to fall by the wayside. The key they say is to be subtle: never pair two large or two small prints together and you’ll be chic as ever. Who’s to know how long that rule will last; maybe pairing the two now will put you ahead of the curve.

Denim: Head to Toe
“Are you going to the rodeo?” and “Where are your cowboy boots?” are two of the accusations when adorning denim with denim. The sturdy fabric was strictly for the stables and the labor force years ago. Many still argue denim has no place in a casual setting much less a formal one, but the Canadian Tuxedo has held it’s own recently and not just by we Canucks.  Denim-on-denim has graced the pages of many fashion magazines and style blogs. It’s safe to say this rule has failed, unlike denim, to stand the test of time.

Fashion do’s and don’ts provide an endless array of opinions that vary depending on each and every individual. Now, more than ever, one’s own personal style is considered the only priority when reaching into our closets or scrounging for clothes strewn on our bedroom floors. Following rules, out of respect or solely based on visual appeal, has become a thing of the past.
If you’d like this author’s opinion, just stick with what works for you. But please- if you have to wear crocs- let’s reserve them for the backyard only.

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