Friday, February 11, 2011

Vaction? ..STAYcation!

How to Enjoy the Best of Toronto

We Brew our own Beer!
This European-style pilsner is hopping its way through Toronto and taking a stand on the microbrewery front. Whether you are a beer-lover or are just interested in a new afternoon activity, it’s time for you to visit the SteamWhistle Brewery. The staff of knowledgeable beer drinkers will take you on a tour of the brewery, provide you with a sample, show you exactly how the beer is brewed, bottled, delivered and even hand you a six-pack on your way out the door! What more could you ask for? And Steamwhistle is not the only microbrewery in Toronto. Your next stop is the Distillery District! This beautiful area in Toronto, just steps away from St. Lawrence Market is a blast to another dimension. Between the galleries, shops, Soma Chocolate Factory, and famous Boiler House restaurant, you’ll find Mill St. Brewery. Brewing over a dozen beers, the Mill St. Pub has tasting trays of beers in order to grasp a sense of what they are all about. Try the Mill St. Lemon Tea beer or Coffee Porter to really sample those taste buds!

Let’s take a Stroll in the Park
It’s time to take a trip west…west Toronto that is! Just like Central Park in New York City, Toronto follows suit with our own High Park. Situated on the waterfront, High Park is eye-catching. Between the trees, the park is mystical. Bike trails, tennis courts, gardens, water streams, dog parks, a theatre stage, swimming pools...I could go on and on! The activities are endless. It is time to take out your summer dresses and pack a picnic. Flip-flop your way to the park to throw a Frisbee and bask in the sunshine.

View from the Top
Toronto is a sight to see on its own! Why not see it all at once? The CN Tower, located just south-west of Union Station is full of activity. Between the outdoor summer vendors, to the baseball game crowd entering and exiting the Rogers Center, it is full of life! Make a reservation at 360˚ and receive a free trip to the top of the tower. Your dining experience is surrounded by glass, as if you are floating atop the city and the view is breathtaking. Whether you are eating lunch and see the sun hit the buildings, watching rain fall on rooftops, or having dinner in the moonlight, the sight is equally amazing. The CN Tower is a staple in Toronto tourism, so what is stopping the locals from checking it out?

To Market, to Market!
Next stop, Kensington Market! Summertime Sunday afternoons in Kensington Market are nothing to be missed. The fruit markets shine with vibrant colours, vintage stores are in full supply, and the streets are full of performers. Road traffic is blocked from the streets to encourage foot traffic, Jamaican drums are banging with reggae beats, and the aroma of fresh baked pastries fills the nostrils of pedestrians; it’s time for Sangria Sundays. After popping into Courage My Love for a new pair of vintage shades, make your way down College Street and stop at Nirvana for cheap, fruit-filled, and mouthwatering sangria. Their front windows are floor to ceiling and always propped open, so whether you get a patio table or sit inside, you will feel the warmth of the Toronto sun.

Ciao Bella
Just a few steps west from Kensington Market, you’ll find yourself in a whole different country. Little Italy, located on College Street and just west of Bathrust Street, is the place to indulge! Between the pizzas cooked in wood-burning ovens at Vivoli to the lip smacking gelato at Dolce to the glasses topped with vino at Calisto, a vacation only begins when you arrive in Italy! Italians love their soccer, and if you catch yourself during a soccer game at CafĂ© Diplomatico, be prepared to witness enthusiastic fans on the jam-packed patio! If you manage to beat the crowd and land a seat, Viva Italia!

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