Friday, February 11, 2011

Shop Your Personal Style...Online

An online shopping tour guide for the fashion obsessed

Eclectic...Unique...& Edgy ...Oh My!
If your nightmare is showing up at a party and seeing your arch-nemesis wearing the same outfit as you then is the place for you to shop. This site is flooded with a massive selection of exclusive, quirky and covetable pieces that are so hard to come by these days. Many of the items on the site are travel finds or made by designers who are so new they have yet to hit the mainstream market. You want maxi fringe dresses, confetti shorts, and dinosaur cuff bracelets at affordable prices? is the answer to your wardrobe dreams and more.

Some Things Old, Many Things New
This one goes out to the fashion conscious ladies and gents who bow down to a shopping site that carries over 800 brands and 40,000 unique styles. (as seen on screen) is a U.K based shopping Mecca with unique features such as catwalk videos for most of the on site clothing, a fashion blog, and a section which allows users to create their own profiles and communicate though forums, groups, and blogs. The best part of the site is the marketplace where any Tom, Dick or Harry can create a profile and sell their stuff. Great for the seller to make some extra cash and even better for the buyer who finds unique pieces from around the world. If that isn’t great enough and to make life easier, every product on the site is categorized and sorted so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Happy shopping!

Ever wanted to have your own boutique? Or pondered what the celebrity, designer or blogger you idolize would carry in their own personalized boutique this season? Well takes fashion to a personal level allowing you to shop mini boutiques that are created by style icons such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Emma Roberts. You can even become your own Coco Chanel by creating and personalizing a boutique that other users can shop in. If you don’t feel you have it in you to create a boutique, then let the site be your personal shopper. Take the “about me” survey and clothing that suits your personal preference appears and brings you to corresponding websites for easy checkout. Embrace this shopping site’s the way of the future!

The Real Deal
Label obsessed but on a student budget? Love finding a designer bargain but hate the bargain store mess? Well is the site to surf if you are looking for top designer brands such as Miu Miu and Alexander Wang at an up to 80% off discount. This “most fashionable outlet” has daily additions, monthly pop up sales, giveaways (who wouldn’t want a free Marni bag?), and flash sale prices that literally drop in front of your eyes. As for the girl in need of a new look for a hot date or a weekend getaway, the “dress me” option will assemble an entire discounted designer outfit within seconds. So shop it before it’s going...going...gone.

Shop in the Land Down Under
Grab your mates and shop This Australian based site offers apparel to men and women who have distinct styles and want quality garments. This site acts as an actual boutique with lots of breadth but not much depth. Each piece is carefully chosen to fully represent each designer they carry. If you like your wardrobe to be one season ahead of the in a continent across the world is the answer. Con: Shipping takes several weeks. Pro: By the time your order arrives it will be the right season to wear it.

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