Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Kid on the Blog

Avoid being a one-hit-wonder by following these five fool proof tips for success in the fashion blogosphere.

1. Express Yourself

The most crucial element of creating a successful fashion blog is being your true authentic self. Without this key ingredient your blog wont work. People have an ability to detect inauthenticity, so even if you’re really good at pretending, readers will catch on and your blog will never take off. Remember, blogging is about connecting with a wide audience and the fashion blogosphere is crammed with competition fighting for attention. The only way you’re going to stand out in the crowd is by being YOU!

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2. Let Me See Your Pretty Face

It is important to connect with readers and one of the most effective ways is by using photos of yourself in blog posts. Personal snapshots make your blog more personal and relatable. Anyone can find fashion images on the internet and post them on a blog, but only you can take self-styled photos of, well, YOU. Don’t get me wrong, there are successful blogs out there where the writer’s face never appears, however it is a really simple and effective way of standing out, if done well. If you decide to take this route then your first investment should be a high quality camera.

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3. Create Great Content

There is no point to starting your own blog if you’re not prepared to put 120% into creating great content. Not only are blogs a great creative outlet, but they can also be a useful professional tool. It is becoming more common for employers to research an applicant’s online persona and you want to insure you’re putting your best face forward. There is an uncountable number of people that have started blogs, but only a handful of them are successful. That’s because it’s hard work that requires a lot of discipline, dedication and time. When you put the effort in with your content you will reap the rewards. Best of all: readers will become loyal.

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4. Do It Everyday

You MUST blog every day, with the exception being that you can take weekends off. Wait! Don’t moan and complain you are too busy. The only way you can really make a go of it in the fashion blogosphere is to commit. Don’t get into this thinking it’s a free ride, blogging requires hard work and dedication. Push through those “off” days by setting up a few blogs in advance on days you’re feeling productive. Soon enough you’ll get into a routine and it will become second nature.

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5. Work Hard For Your Money

Many bloggers have been able to turn their blogging hobby into full-time paying jobs; it’s not as impossible as you might think. Money follows the crowd, so once you’ve attracted enough readers the companies with advertising budgets will be close behind. You don’t even necessary have to wait for them to approach you. Get out there and represent your blog. Create a presence on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help capture a larger audience. Then when you feel confident enough about your blog start approaching local businesses that might want to collaborate or advertise with you. Bottom line: put in the time and effort and you will reap the rewards.

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