Friday, February 11, 2011


Get gorgeous trade secrets that all girls should know!

Forget those elaborate trips to the spa and give those purse strings a break! While trips to the salon and spa can be a source of much needed relaxation and beatification, you can easily transform yourself in your own home. Turn your back on scouring for expensive products and beauty parlors with these essential beauty secrets!

Eye Enhancers

· Camouflage those dark circles by using a concealer that is one shade lighter than your regular skin tone.

· To brighten your eyes and to make them look larger, rim your inner lash lines with white eyeliner. Don’t forget to rim the corners if you choose to apply additional color liner and shadow.

· For va va voom eyes, add sex appeal by wearing false eyelashes and applying copious amounts of black or brown mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.

· Get the disheveled rocker look by applying metallic eye shadows wet then follow that up by applying eyeliner and lightly smudging it with a q-tip for intensity.

Face Time

· Customize your own tinted moisturizer shade by adding a lightweight moisturizer to your regular foundation. Blend well and apply like an all-over face moisturizer - perfect for those sticky summer days.

· Enhance your look by creating your own cream blush or bronzer by mixing the powders with a little Vaseline! Not only will the shine create a captivating dewy look, but it is also the perfect waste friendly way to make use of all your makeup. (FYI: This can also be done for the lips!)

· Use natural light to determine your ideal foundation and concealer shade. Make sure to check your complexion by the window to catch any mistakes.

· All color lasting lips start with a good lip foundation. Apply your lip balm of choice and color you lips lightly with a matching lip liner shade; then follow it up with your lipstick of choice and your lips will appear untouched for hours!

· You can find some of the best exfoliates right in your own kitchen. Salt, oatmeal, and sugar all have strong granules, making them ideal for dead skin removal.

· Refresh a dull complexion through sleep, drinking lots of water, and eating an apple. It’s amazing how such a simple formula be so powerful!

Nail Perfection

· Say goodbye to dry nails by using acetone-free nail polish remover and nail buffers to encourage new nail growth.

· Remember to always file your nails in one direction to avoid damage and nail breaks!

· For softer cuticles and stronger nails, warm a small dish of olive oil with a dab of lemon juice and soak your nails for 5- 10 minutes.

· When painting your nails, paint a little over the edge of your nails to avoid chipping and remember to always use topcoat to achieve that professional manicured look.

Hair Days

· Plagued by fine hair? Avoid turning up the heat on your hair styling tools; you run the risk of weakening and damaging your precious locks.

· Blondes take note – if you are on the go and are in need of a wash and blowout, simply sprinkle talcum powder onto your roots for absorbing oils and blow-dry your hair with your head turned upside down for dramatic volume.

· Tame your tresses by enriching them with natural ingredients. An egg white mask can be used for conditioning, while an egg yolk mask rubbed deep into the scalp can be used for enhancing hair growth. Who knew that protein rich eggs could be so versatile?

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