Friday, February 11, 2011

Isn’t She Lashy
The natural way to grow your eyelashes without enduring a painful surgical procedure.

Once upon a time, in what was later referred to as the cosmetics industry, products were made to enhance a woman’s beauty. We had luxurious lipsticks to make us look desirable, eye shadow to make us seem mysterious, and blush to show how off our lovely facial structure. The first women to wear makeup existed in 4000BC and ruled Ancient Egypt. It is no doubt that they came up with cat-eye eyeliner that we so love to mimic today with our modern liquid eyeliner. And what makes up a smouldering, captivating and mysterious pair of eyes? Mascara dumped and spread onto nothing-special eyelashes. Ta da! But lets bring us back to modern day gorgeousness, we have the bodacious Scarlett Johansson, exotic Eva Mendes, elegantly stunning Angelina Jolie, beautiful Kim Kardashian, and Victoria’s Secret’s bombshell Adriana Lima to aspire after. And what do these lovely women have in common? Daring eyes with eyelashes for days.
A new innovation
Making a shift in the cosmetic industry, particularly mascara-creaters, Allergan Inc has created a product called LATISSE, which simply makes your natural lashes grow. Allergan Inc has been established for over 60 years and are the creators of the BOTOX Cosmetic, JUEVDERM XC, Brilliant Distinctions and NATRELLE. They have proven to be in popular standing in safe and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for which they have sold over 1.5 million tubes of LATISSE which is FDA-approved. The product calls for a prescription and is not readily available for you to snag off a shelf in your local drug store as it is described as being a treatment. Meaning, you apply the medicated substance every morning after you wash your face and every night before you snooze. You would apply this treatment only to your top lashes right as the roots going from the inside corner of your eye right to the other end. One swab is often enough, however instructional videos are posted on their website ( as well as in a pamphlet. Over-the-counter prescriptions are available but this wondrous tube is worth it, no? The active ingredient that you’re looking for is called bimatoprost and is guaranteed to make your eyelashes grow double (or even triple) your original length. The product is a small ointment bottle with a smaller-than-usual wand with a soft brush for easy application. The side effects include darkening of the skin, itchy eyes or redness. Again, consult the pamphlet before use. The price tag is around $95.
The mantra is...
An alternative to LATISSE is a brand called LashMantra, which uses 100% all natural ingredients and is described as a serum. It encompasses the same concept and process of application to growing your lashes, but according to their website, you won’t have to suffer eye irritation, and it is free from artificial fragrances, colorants, parabens, preservatives and chemicals. It can be used up to 3 – 6 months. Lash Mantra is not as widely known in comparison to Latisse. The packaging includes a small mascara-looking tube with the serum in the smaller bottle. The price tag for LashMantra is $60 if you buy it on their website where shipping is also free (

The traditional approach
If you do not fancy spreading foreign substances onto your natural lashes and would prefer a more traditional way of enhancing your lashes, try Rimmel London’s New Lash Accelerator Mascara. The packaging says your lashes appear up to 80 percent longer instantly and it promises to increase growth of your lashes to 117 percent in just 30 days. The ingredients include a ‘Growth-Lash Complex’ and the product is in a regular tube of mascara. The price is going for $11.49 and can be snagged at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Simple, easy and no over the counter prescription needed.
Other eyelash growth brands include:
LiLash Purified Eyelash Stimulator - $139.97

Marini Lash Eyelash Conditioner - $149.99

Enormous Lash by Inuit Beauty - $94.99

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