Friday, February 11, 2011


Live life spontaneously this summer and see just how FUN carefree can be.

Lose The Locks
Try lightening things up when the weather gets warmer. A trim off the old locks can be
really liberating! And it will keep you feeling cool and airy. If you're really daring, give a
super short hairstyle a go. A new haircut can make you feel refreshed, or like a brand
new person. A phoenix may just arise from those clippings! Bring in a new shade while
you're basking in the sun. Brighten brunette to caramel, or get some honey hilights.
There's no need to fear going under the scissors. After all, it's just hair. And it'll grow
back before the leaves hit the sidewalk.

Outfit Out There
It's time to unbutton those tight collars and let loose. Experiment with a new style that
you normally wouldn't dare to wear. Try a more laid-back approach to dressing by
making it less about impressing, and more about expressing. Purchase those pieces you
often eye at the store but never think you could pull off. Because if there's any time to
take risks, it's now! Summer is the season for fun, and you should be having it - and look
like it too. Play with colour, dabble in patterns. Make some bold attempts, and who
knows? You may end up incorporating some of your new found fun and fresh style into
your fall wardrobe.
Black and white business suits? Throw in some bright colours or floral patterns to
bring a little summer breeze into a stuffy workplace.

You work all year long. Take some time off to do something for yourself- and you can
always bring your friends along too! Take a trip to a place that you've been dying to see.
Exploring new territories will get you unstuck from any rut. Book a week or two and tour
the hotspots of the World. Take the tube in London, roam around in Rome, and peruse
a newspaper at a cafe in Paris.
Not hot enough at home for you? Relocate to a tropical island, like Maui, for a few days.
You don't have to jet away to distant destinations. Stay closer to home and take
advantage of the age old cure for stale scenery: the Roadtrip! Spend a day in the car and
see what the highway has to offer. Browse through the small towns on the way. Check
out some antique shops or sample the menu at a local diner. You never know what
hidden treasures you might find.

Saddle-Up Spur Of The Moment
A day off with nothing to do? Don't settle for being lazy. Do something! Get out in the
sun while it's hot. If you have no plans, make them quick and to try something new. Go
horseback riding, rent a Seadoo, or check out what's happening on the beach. Make your
free time is well spent. There are only so many days of summer so you can't let them slip
away! Everyone enjoys a day of pure leisure once in awhile, but the heat can make
you lethargic so try to stay active. What else is more exciting and energizing than
spontaneously jumping on your bike and treading through some trails, or calling some
friends for an impromptu park picnic?
If you're feeling extreme, skydiving perhaps? But if not, a splurge at the mall will suffice.
Some of us prefer our credit cards bills to be higher than our altitude. Get out and wear
out those flip flops before your feet are forced to revisit those itchy woolen socks.

Skinnydipping! (No Need For An Introduction)
Quit stressing over shedding pounds and shed your inhibitions - and your clothes - for
just one night. Jump in! You won't be disappointed. A quick dip will give you an
experience that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Just try not to get arrested
for indecent exposure. Though, that's one way to end an epic summer.

By: Christien Michael Love

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