Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colour Away!

Dust off the vibrant colours of your wardrobe and let them out to play this spring.

Strong, bold colours have always taken the back seat to the usual flowery prints of spring, however, this year their coming forth with a vengeance. Its time to unleash your brights and send your drab-reeking clothes of winter to the back of the closet where they belong.

Acid Trip

Hot pink, acid green and cobalt blue are just some of the vibrant colours to watch out for this spring. They seem to be making the rounds on several top designer runways, proving that to shy away from colour this year, will be a serious fashion faux-pas. Pink Tartan’s spring/summer 2011 collection practically screamed, “colour” to you, well don’t worry guys, we got it - loud and clear. While watching the show, I could hardly contain my excitement for spring. It would take a brick wall to miss the hot pink jumpers, bright orange riding pant, and acid green maxi dress. Nothing could stop me from getting these looks, so move over winter cause I want it all!

Colour Blocking

So, now that we know neon colours are staying put for spring, one may ask how to wear this trend without blinding the crowd, or better yet, looking like a clown stuck in the 80’s.

One trick in achieving the right look is to keep it simple. By the way, this doesn’t mean wearing only one neon colour, or else what’s the point? Instead, try to pick two or three colours that complement each other in a way that is not too overwhelming. Keep in mind that the darkest of the three colours will most likely look best if worn on the bottom. Now that you have your colour selection sorted out, feel free to play around to create bold looks reminiscent of the runway.

Scribble Outside the Lines

It’s easy to lose your own sense of style when fashion trends are floating around all year long telling you what to wear. In order to capture your unique look for spring, it is essential to bring in as many aspects of yourself to complete the outfit. When it comes to adding your individualistic touch to this year’s colourful trend, remember that anything goes! Play into the neon theme by painting your nails with a pop of colour, playing up your eye shadow with those forget-me-not bold pigments, and accessorize to the max with chunky block jewelry. With your distinctive twist on this year’s trend, you will hardly go unnoticed this spring.

Neon Signs Point West

Now comes the most important aspect when it comes to the newest trends of the season - finding them (without breaking your budget)! There are several stores that are constantly overturning their inventory in order to make this possible. While H&M is a great source for finding cheap and cheerful fashion forward pieces, other stores such as Urban outfitters have almost exact replicas of the runway looks, such as a cobalt blue boyfriend blazer, retailing for only $48. If all you need is a quick basic to complete your outfit, head to American Apparel where you’re sure to find any tank top, t-shirt and dress you desire, all of which are available in any colour imaginable. Whatever budget you may have, these stores make it particularly easy to partake in this intense, colour-bearing trend of spring, so buckle down and get shopping!

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