Thursday, February 10, 2011

Groovy Glam

Looks like this spring will be a time to pull out your polyester, chokers and Afros....psyche!

Inspiration from the '70s was seen all over the runways for spring 2011. Although many trends that died in the flower power era should stay dead, designers looked upon the more glamorous side of '70s fashions. This spring it will be crucial to know whether your outfit will feel tha funk or just be junk.

Go With The Flow

Whether you want to boogie out on the town or enjoy an afternoon in the sun, silk pieces are going to be the thing this spring. Copycat the Studio 54-esque look with a flowing silk dress. Maximize the '70s trend by trying a dress that is off the shoulder, slit down the side or patterned with exotic prints. If you’re not a dancing queen, go for a more relaxed spring look with a simple silk blouse tucked into a pair of high -waisted shorts. Keep it casual with a fun, floppy sun hat on your head and a cocktail in your hand.

Not Just For Inmates

This spring a strong statement piece for nightlife attire is jumpsuits. But before you jump right in, there are a few things you should know. First, this is not an easy style to pull off; you’ll need some help from the accessory department. For a runway look, the jumpsuit looks great with an arm full of bangles, a simple necklace, or even a belt around the waist to tie things together. Throw on a pair of vintage heels to make you look taller, slimmer, and more confident in this timeless trend.

Prepare For Flare

North-American calves have been skinny jean-suffocated for too long, but this spring the ankle-oppression comes to an end. But before you cry revolution and start swimming in denim, remember to keep things tasteful. We’re not talking about your Mom’s bellbottoms. Find a pair of jeans that are well fitted all the way down to about your knee. This will give you that '70s look without going overboard. Flare is fashionable in jeans and trousers. Switching the fabric will allow you to go from hippie to professional, a look for both work and play.

To The Max

It’s hard not to love the long-legged, luscious look that comes with a maxi dress. Although you are wrapped up in fabric, you can still achieve sexy with cut-outs, daring slits and sheer fabrics. Before you float away in your maxi dress, anchor yourself down with a beachy tote bag and oversized sunglasses. Now that you have thrown on this simple style, the maxi dress will do the rest of the work for you. This classic piece will leave you feeling free, fun and feminine.

When in your closet, channel your inner Cher but look the part of Nicole Richie. It is all about using the fashions from the '70s but keeping them modern and fresh. You are now ready for spring, whether it’s getting down in your silky gown, having a hoot in your jumpsuit or getting stares with your flares. Just think peace and love!

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