Thursday, October 05, 2017

Winter is here

Winter is here

To be a fashionable in winter, do we have to stand harsh winter? No way!

Countless festivals, hiking, going to the beach, and so on. Sometimes these events could be a pressure that to go out and enjoy the summer as many as you can. Why? People who live in Canada know what it means. The climate is getting changed, for instance, South Pole glaciers are gradually melting, because of global warming, and Toronto’s winter is not cold like minus 20 or 30 degrees as it happened before. Nevertheless, occasionally people still ask us “Cannot live in Toronto without Canada goose?” It could be a truth, and at the same time, it could be an untruth. After checking this article out should change their mind! How people live well and stylish without heavy winter.  

Use down jacket

Excuse me? Who does not know about using down jacket during the winter? Do not use as an outerwear as people do. It is not funny at all. Please do not forget, we have Uniqlo in Toronto from the last year. This company is launched in 1974, Japan. Usually, they produce basic items; t-shier, jeans, knits, down jacket, special clothing for winter, etc. Especially this company’s down jackets have a better quality than their prices are. Trench coat with down vest, inner down jacket or tailored jacket with simple belt. Wool cardigan paired with down vest as an outerwear. Moreover, the inner down jackets and the down vest outers are also lightweight and warm look.    

Layered, layered, layered

Heavy knit is the best way to protect from the freezing outside. No, it is not the best answer. For example, a light knit is not enough for winter; therefore, we need two, three or more clothing, instead of the one heavy knit. Cotton shirts wear with a light knit, a down jacket, and then a coat or any jackets can make you perfect for the chill windy. Second, try to match diversity length of apparel. Sleeveless mini-dress can wear with long sleeves knit or a knit vest. For the long sleeves, it does not matter, if you wear the knit inside or outside of the dress. Both directions would make your special night. Third, buy one size bigger or smaller than your size is. It depends on the what style you want to wear. Think out of the box! A bigger button vest can use outer, wear the coat and then put on the vest. When the inside is too warm, just take off the coat and dress vest again. You can get a different look in the same day!   

Where can we find a warm and cozy winter? 

Eaton center and Yorkdale shopping center, if you are a Torontonian, you have heard at least one time about that places. Most of the fashion brands are in that malls. With a small budget, can go to SPA brand such as Zara, H&M, and also Hudson Bay has their name brand with proper prices. However, to be layered with any winter items, we need a basic design. The best place is Uniqlo. In Ontario, there are two Uniqlo stores in those places as well. Having an enough budget? Moncler where is in Yorkdale also has a technical light jacket, but the price range is higher than SPA brand. However, this brand use mink or high-quality fabric.

    Do not afraid of winter anymore and how to mix the apparel suitably. There are no right methods. Creative your new way that how to be unique and warm too. Just try it!      

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