Thursday, October 05, 2017


Battle through the long winter months with these essentials beauty products.

A familiar chill is in the air as Autumn comes to a close. Whether you want to admit it or not, winter is right around the corner, and sadly it’s time to say farewell to your sun-kissed skin. However, this doesn't mean we have to accept a dry and dull complexion. From luminous blushes to ultra rich moisturisers and even hearty, healthy foods, these products will help you reinvent your winter skin routine.

With the bright lights and festive music playing in every mall, it may be tempting to run the nearest department store and grab every triple-hydration cream in sight to restore your skin. Have no fear, with the help these foods can keep your skin clear and hydrated. Cooking with antioxidant and vitamin-packed veggies are a wonderful substitute for some beauty products. Kale, for instance, has a super high sulphur content that can reduce skins flakiness and redness. For those who rely on bronzers, try snacking on cantaloupe. Like carrots, cantaloupes are rich in carotenoids which give a tan-like effect making the pigment of the skin darken!

When it comes to our frigid winters, we know wind and flurries are NOT friends of our skin. Moisture is quickly snatched from our cheeks the moment we see the first snowfall. A product that is sure to bring life back into drained faces is NARS Luminous Moisture Cream for instant skin repair. One thing is clear in cold weather—hydration is key. Something to keep in mind is to dress your skin as you’d dress for winter. Don’t be afraid to add more layers—in this case, layers of moisturiser.

Don’t fret over losing your glow come winter. Blushes will become your best friend and bring back life to your cheeks. Peachy tones will warm up any pale winter skin, if it nots there naturally from the icy breeze. Try Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Beam or Puff; these shades will give you a smooth transition into the winter months. This new way of blush looks illuminates every skin tone, bringing out your personal glow. The best way to apply this pillowy product is with your fingers, with a few effortless dabs your cheeks will go from fair to fab with a seamless finish.

In the lucky events of their becoming a snow day, what better time to focus on those time-consuming beauty details that we love so much. If your moisturiser isn't cutting it, hydrating face masks are sure to do the trick in one single use. Aloe vera is known to be a healing plant [in gel form] said to help fight ageing, redness, and showers skin with moisture. Kiehl’s Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask will rebalance and brighten wind-burned completion in just 15 minutes. A perfect amount of time to finish that mug of hot cocoa.

These beauty methods are the ultimate guide to self-care. Flawless face masks, rosy cheeks and even rich veggies will inspire you to get through the long winter months [that were all dreading]. Escape this season and be ready to take on whatever the winter weather throws at you!

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