Thursday, October 05, 2017

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone This Fall/Winter

As cool weather is approaching, many of us are thinking the same thing: I cannot wait to bring out my cozy hoodie and favourite piece of outerwear. We tend to keep outfits relatively safe during these gloomy months, with a wave of grey and black being seen throughout the city of Toronto.  Many people place priority on staying comfortable and warm over style, without realizing how easy (and fun) it can be to get creative with your outfits. Here are a few ways to spice up the everyday Fall and Winter Outfit.

Adding colour!

            Nothing says “getting out of your comfort zone” more than experimenting with colours in the colder months of the year. People (especially men) tend to gravitate towards grey, black, blue or white for the undeniable versatility, without realizing what a simple pop of colour can do to enhance an otherwise basic look. How to add colour to a Fall/Winter outfit without it being too much you ask? Simple. Making colour the focal point of an outfit is the simplest way to approach colour, without overwhelming yourself and others. For example, swapping your navy blue topcoat for a Burgundy or Army Green option is an easy way to give new life, while continuing to work with navy, grey, etc as compliments to your statement piece. Adding colours as a supporting layer like a light blue merino sweater, a pink button down underneath a jumper or a cream coloured knit makes any outfit unique, as these colours are mainly seen in Spring/Summer. Adding to this point, I find that is important for one not to entirely focus on colours on trend for the season, but more on which colours suit your skin tone and ultimately make you feel great (implement your favourite colours!).  


            Sometimes, the key to a great outfit are the little details that contribute to the bigger picture. Finding a great pair of printed socks and rolling up your pants to slightly expose them, can showcase your fun side, while keeping the rest of your outfit minimalistic. Rings and bracelets are also a great accessory to utilize as there is a vast variety of options available in terms of price point, styles and materials.    Hats and scarves are both a man and woman’s best friend that will tie an outfit together while keeping you warm. I recommend colored or striped wool blend scarves and rolling your toques a few times for an extra touch of detail.  Utilizing pocket squares and bandanas by tucking them into exterior pockets of coats can add uniqueness to any outfit.

DIY (Do it Yourself)!  

            Looking amazing doesn’t have to mean that your bank account has to suffer. Instead of heading to the mall to buy a pair of frayed bottom jeans, why not do it yourself? Modifying old clothes, does not only save you money but it creates a one of a kind garment. Ideas for DIY garments include: cutting off the collar of a button down shirt to create a mandarin collar, cutting pants that are too long into cropped trousers, hand painting denim jackets, shoes etc. and adding pins to plain backpacks or tote bags.

Layer/ Play with Proportions

            My last (and favourite) piece of advice, is to experiment with different fits, proportions and to layer! If you are used to slim cuts, try experimenting with looser garments as well (and vice versa). On some days you can wear a slimmer outfit, while on other days you can wear a looser piece of knitwear layered with a button down underneath and looser trousers. Having a combination of fits/ silhouettes in your wardrobe challenges the proportions of your outfit as you can mix and match. This also applies to shoes. If you are used to wearing slim leather sneaker or boots, try experimenting with chunkier options like a leather derby or a brogue.  In terms of layering, try adding different dimensions to an outfit like a turtleneck underneath a crewneck sweater. Not only does layering keep you extra warm, but it makes it look like you didn’t just roll out of bed (even if you did).  

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