Thursday, October 05, 2017

4 Must-Wear Trends For Your Next Festival Escape!

4 Must-Wear Trends For Your Next Festival Escape! 

Ah, music festivals. The journey there, the music, the amazing food-truck eats, the big crowds. These elements combined are all designed to create an unforgettable experience. Oh, and did we forget the oftentimes crazy outfits? Many of which festivalgoers plan well in advance. To ensure you make your next escape to a festival a stylish one, we’ve rounded up what we think are the top 4 must-wear festival trends of the year:

Think back to the days of Joan Jett; the days of early 80’s punk rock. The days of, if you will, “badassery”. Something you’re going to be seeing a lot of this festival season is fishnets. Whether that is a fishnet body stocking, long sleeved shirt that pairs up nicely under a loosely fitted tee, or fishnet socks to give a subtle hint of edge to any outfit, prepare to see this look everywhere. Custom distressed pieces such as jackets or jeans are extremely on-trend, and can be even further customized with fabric paint if you feel like getting a little crafty. Chunky double-prong belts are sure to complement your bottoms of choice. Not feeling one of those? Try hanging a chain belt off the side of your chosen bottoms as a statement piece. Throw on a choker or even consider layering multiple neckpieces for a stylish addition to this look. In regards to shoes, it’s best to stick with a classic pair of Vans, Converse, or Doc Martens so as to not overwhelm from the rest of your outfit and keep that classically edgy vibe.

Break down the word “monochromatic” into two separate words, and you get mono meaning, “one”, and chromatic meaning, “colour”. Simply put, monochromatic means outfits of solely one colour. This is an extremely simple and effective look to pull off no matter which hue you choose. If you’d prefer a rather subdued look, stick to earth tones. If you were going for a futuristic or spacey look, pastels would do just the trick. For those of you looking for a more in-your-face look, yellow, which has been a notably underrated colour, will most certainly be something you’ll see many festivalgoers dressed head to toe in this year.

Festivalgoers start your engines!! A huge trend right now is dressing like you’re the winning driver of a Nascar race. Not sure what we mean? Think checkerboard, flames, and racing stripes when trying to pull together this look. Many brands, such as American Vintage, are stitching flames onto distressed denim jackets, platform booties, shorts, skirts, let's put it this way- if you can name it, there’s probably something out there right now with flames on it! It’s a trend you’ll be sure to look hot in, no pun intended. Now, picture that checkered flag waving around to signify the start of a race, that is going to be the exact pattern of many of the pants, bags, and accessories you’ll be seeing this festival season. Even try throwing on a pair of checkerboard sunglasses or a chunky ring for a dramatic look. High-fashion brands such as Vetements have designed leather moto jeans with frayed edges and the iconic red racing stripe going down the side, so as to pay tribute to this trend. Oversized tees/jackets with logos of famous Nascar drivers are also a good way to pull off this look and are extremely easy to find at your local thrift shops or brand new if you’d prefer.


Although camouflage print has been around forever, you’re going to see it more than ever, and it’s going to break away from your traditional olive green and sand tones. Pink, yellow, orange, and blue are just a few of the many hues of camoflauge you’re going to see; specifically in the form of jogger and cargo pants. Many celebrities such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Halsey have been spotted around at festivals rocking their brightly coloured camo. You can also achieve this look by wearing a fitted ringer tee, or an oversized camo tee depending on how you like the fit to be. Want just a hint of camo added to your outfit? Throw on a printed bucket hat or dad cap for a more subtle look. Regardless of how you decide to pull off this look, you’ll be sure to command everyone’s attention!

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