Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Time For A Holid-eh!

Planning your next trip? Your winter getaway? Look no further than our beautiful Canada. We’re sharing the most breathtaking places to see in the Great White North. And let’s be honest, if it makes for a good Instagram photo, it’s worth visiting. Right?

Lake Life
Known for it’s vineyards and sweet summer sunsets, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, in the colder months, is the winter wonderland you think only exists in postcards. This snow covered charming little town in the southern part of the province makes for the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the responsibilities and deadlines plaguing your real life. Oh, and there’s wine. Lots of wine. Actually, a wintertime celebration called the Icewine festival, is dedicated to the world famous Icewine made right there in the many wineries of Niagara. Made from naturally frozen grapes in subzero temperatures, it's perfectly sweet and will have you questioning what your life was like before you tasted it. Not much for wine? How about a horse and carriage ride, admiring the twinkling lights and old-fashioned beauty steeped into this town? Come on, you know you can’t say no to that!

Snow Place Like Banff
This resort town in Alberta is one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations. And for good reason! There’s something for everyone to enjoy here from hot springs and spas (the Banff Hot Springs are the most famous), ice walks through Johnston Canyon where you’ll see some pretty incredible frozen waterfalls (who knew these even existed?), dog sledding, as in letting dogs guide you through an enchanting snow covered forest in the Canadian Rockies. Is Banff at the top of your bucket list yet? You can also venture out to Lake Louise, a short 40 minute drive away, where you can ice skate on the frozen lake, which was named as one of the most beautiful in the world by CNN Travel. And what would be a winter vacation without a little skiing? Banff National Park is home to almost 8,000 acres with three ski resorts including Sunshine Village and Mt. Norquay. 

Europe in Canada
Missing the charm of Europe? Don’t worry. You’ll find it in Quebec City. Promise! Come December, this place turns into a true Christmas village, like the ones in all of our favorite holiday movies. Decorated with lights and covered with a blanket of snow, stroll through the old part of the city, stop inside a bistro or cafe, and take it all in while sitting in a beautiful square. Experience the famous Winter Carnival downtown where you’ll be able to ice skate, check out some cool ice sculptures, take in some shows and music, or just take a selfie with Bonhomme, the famous carnival ambassador. And if you’re interested in some unique accommodation while you’re there, check yourself into the Ice Hotel, or as the French say, l’Hôtel de Glace. Located just 5km north of the city, it is the only ice hotel in North America and is opened from early January until the last week of March. Featuring an outdoor spa and sauna, each suite has a different theme. There’s also an Ice Bar that serves cocktails in iced glasses. Yes please!

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