Monday, February 06, 2017

Vintage Vibes

Second hand clothing - potential for gold?
Shift Where You Thrift
    Being a young student pressed for cash is not always fun, especially when your major is fashion. Luckily one of the current trends is wearing anything vintage, and in this case living in Toronto has its perks. There are a few cute thrift shops in the core of downtown Toronto that will definitely soothe your vintage vibes as well as your wallet. One trip to Queen Street West will be sure to satisfy your need for the adventure of thrifting. Your first spot to hit should be Black Market Vintage, your inner grunge self will thank you. The name alone excites you doesn’t it? The next stop is Public Butter, this shop is more retro and you’ll easily find some goodies based on how huge the store is. Your final destination will be House of Vintage; while the prices are a bit steeper, the well known designer brands will be sure to peak your interest. These are my top three shops to score some second hand pieces, but there is so much yet to discover. Where will you shop your vintage?

Sell Your Unwanted Goodies
    Do you have a closet that screams, “clean me, I’m stuffed”, or is that just me? It seems as though my closet regenerates clothes that I didn’t even know I had...  or even want. I’m all for donating your clothes to charities, however sometimes my wallet is a little skinned. I used to throw all my unwanted and sometimes brand new clothing into black garbage bags for Goodwill until I found Trend Trunk. Trend Trunk is an app that lets you sell your clothing with limited fuss. After posting a few pictures as well as a description of your item, you are ready to make some cash as well as some room in that pesky closet. Trend Trunk makes things remarkably easy in regards to shipping out your sold items, you don’t have to pay a dime. Have I sold you yet? It gets better. If you still feel bad for not donating the clothes, you can donate your proceeds instead. Now go shut up that closet and clean it out!

Va-va-voom Vintage
    Having some trouble picturing these vintage trends that I raved about earlier? Let me paint it out for you. Right now one of the top trends would definitely be band tees, I know this is old news, but hear me out. Old band tees are hot, but what’s even hotter is distressed band tees. Kendall Jenner pulls off the look by cutting a deep V in her vintage tees and pairing it with a cute bralette. Even if you’re not a fan of the Jenners you’ll be a fan of this trend, no doubt about it. Bye-bye bombers, hello jean jackets! The next one on my list of favourites is the oversized jean jacket. I especially love it when you make it your own and add some patches or even destruction. What I’m trying to say is, vintage apparel is as hot as you make it and is also extremely unique. How often are you going to see the exact same vintage item on someone else in the streets of Toronto? So move out of the way fast fashion, vintage is coming through.

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