Monday, February 06, 2017

Intimate Details

Over multiple fashion decades, the runway has seen the trend of bringing what we wear to bed onto the runway.  Now looking forward into fashion, 2017 says a visible bra strap is no longer a fashion taboo nor is wearing what’s underneath on the outside. Couture designers like Alexander McQueen and fashion moguls like the Hadid and Jenner sisters are showcasing women’s best intimate details as everyday wear.
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Spring Slush
In Canada, our springs can be described as winter’s leftovers; slushy, cool, and uncomfortable. Wearing nothing but a satin slip, a bustier, and a pair of Puma Fenty fur slides may be quite cold for a few of us. So, when choosing to wear your sultry intimates, pull the look together with a leather-motto jacket or another runway comeback for 2017 the trench coat, to keep it Canadian weather friendly.  

Lingerie  Layers 
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Another way to ace the intimate trend is to layer. Layering bra tops or corsets over crew neck t-shirts or sweatshirts seem to be coveting the streets and giving the age-old advice “picture the audience in their underwear” a whole new meaning. Trendsetter Kim Kardashian shows no shame of flaunting her waist trainer over her Yeezy oversized sweatshirt. Instead of an oversized sweatshirt- and not much else, try one of spring 2017’s biggest runway trends and pair your corset with an open jumpsuit or sleeveless sweater. 
(Vogue US)

Sheer Perfection
Comparable to many of Kim K’s outfits, some intimate pieces can be quite harsh for a work or school setting, mixing fabrics and textures balances the bedroom and the classroom into one look. Mixing sheer, high-neck pieces with ruffles or lace with a pair of classic blue jeans will simplify the seductiveness of your intimate details or pairings.  

The Mini Slip
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After work or school comes play, and going out on the town in Toronto is nothing short of a fashion show and showing a hint of what’s underneath will turn more heads at one of city’s hotspots if done correctly.  The maxi slip dress dominated throughout the 1990’s and made its big comeback just in time for the previous holiday season. Now that spring has sprung, the mini slip dress has come back out to play as the newest trend in party dresses. Dominations of the slip can be seen on popular websites such as Tobi, Urban Outfitters or even your Instagram feed on a Saturday night.  A pair of thigh-high suede boots and slicked back hair paired with your satin or silky slip is the perfect pairing for a night out.

Wearing your most intimate details on your sleeve is possible for any Canadian, and with these runway to real life examples, you’ll be ready to showcase what’s on the inside once and for all by making a statement and looking confident. From corsets over sweatshirts, or a satin slip as a party dress, intimate fixations are here to stay, and not to be slept in, for spring 2017.

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