Monday, February 06, 2017

New Season. New You. Old Wardrobe.

Because you’re a student and sometimes we can’t even…

Sending a warm welcome to spring summer 18 and a hard goodbye to oversized chunky knits that are winter fashion.  The beginning of a new season may seem exciting and new to the average human calling Earth their home, however, for a fashion conscious and trend savvy person, establishing a new season’s wardrobe can be both time consuming and very expensive.  Don’t get discouraged poor fashion students… there is hope! With the democratization of fashion, the idea of “shiny and new” is made affordable to us who find ourselves in a constant flow of creativity and style posted all over social media.  Admittedly, it’s hard to say that the new Balenciaga isn’t on our minds, but with fashion moving so quickly, those brand names stay classics as new wardrobe staples come at a much lower price.  By taking a closer look at some wardrobe essentials like chokers, t’s and jeans, it may be more affordable than ever to stay on trend and even create your own from those pieces in the corners of your closet – you know the pile.

Chokers from the 90s have been the latest style to resurface and thankfully this time they look better than ever.  Chokers are accessories that can take any basic white T and boyfriend jeans and turn them into an outfit to wear out on the town.  These statement pieces are essential to warm weather wardrobes and they certainly don’t HAVE to break the bank.  Take a look at this comparison and see how this new “fahion for all” concept makes trends affordable.  The Neiman Marcus department store, I’m sure has it’s loyal customers but why pay the premium when you can buy one hundred and thirty three of Charlotte Russe’s style for the same price!?  

Neiman Marcus
Monarch Railroad Leather & Crystal Choker
Coming in at a whopping $518.77

Charlotte Russe
Bow Tie & Chain link Choker
$6reg. On Sale for $3.90

The t-shirt.  A wardrobe staple since it became socially acceptable.   The most recent trend of taking scissors to plain T’s comes from none other than Kendall Jenner – there, I said it… Come on, it’s a fashion piece; the Kardashian’s were bound to be brought up at some point.  Designers have taken to this idea and it’s more likely than not to walk into a current store and see walls of distressed t-shirts.  One designer in particular, Christophe Decarnin, took to this idea and ran with it in Balmain’s latest line.  A tidy price tag for this distressed shirt of $1,625.  It must be made of strands of emeralds? Nope 100% cotton.  May I now turn your interest towards a BooHoo look alike, also 100% cotton:

“Slashed Army T-Shirt”

“Maisie Distressed T-Shirt”

Almost nothing could be considered more classic than a pair of jeans.  Almost nothing changes and evolves more throughout time than jeans.  From ripped to cropped, mom jeans to flared, all have had their time and could not be happier to say they are now all back in style.  Because what else are you going to wear at the end of the week when all eight pairs of your black leggings are in the wash bin – jeans. Classic with an edge makes light wash cropped jeans an easy wear wardrobe staple that will bring you into the spring season.  Bright colours with hopes of warm weather ahead, as well as affordable price tags.  Okay, I’m going to do it again, however, her jean line is the newest jean craze so I have no choice.  Khloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans promote positive body messages with different fit options – cute idea Khloe.  Of course they come at a premium price but fear not – if you don’t want to invest there are alternatives!

Good American
“Good Legs Crop”
Canadian Dollars $220.02

“Mid-Rise Skinny Crop”

Bring those creative juices back to life with the sun coming out more often find hope in the fact that you can stay stylin’ without breaking the bank.  These wardrobe staples can work from morning to night if you make them! Most importantly before you buy anything new, I challenge you to check the corners of your closet for hidden gems and revive them with scissors, sandpaper, sequins, knickknacks, any embellishment this season.

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