Sunday, February 05, 2017

New Season, New Clothes - A Male Guide to Stay Fresh for Less

New Season, New Clothes -  A Male Guide to Stay Fresh for Less
The warmer weather is here and you can finally store that heavy winter parka deep in your storage without looking back… well maybe for a few months. Now that your bulky jacket is out of the question, let’s see what summer essentials we can put in that empty closet space without breaking your bank. The question that usually always comes up for me is, “is this really worth that price!?” and with that, showing you a few alternatives to very trendy and high fashion pieces that you can rock in the summer.

Dressing from bottom to top:
            One of the most iconic shoes in the past 10 years, the Common Projects Achilles Low being a very sleek and subtle shoe that can go with any piece of clothing is one of the first alternatives being shown. Retailing for over 500$ CAD this show is definitely a summer shoe that you might want to invest in, but for the ones who want the same look here are some alternatives. The first runner up is from the brand Axel Arigato a brand started up in Summer 2014, they offer the same subtle and sleek options but for half the price. If this is still too pricey for you then the Adidas Stan Smith that comes in a different silhouette than the other two, is still a very clean shoe that will go with your whole summer wardrobe that is also the most comfortable out of the three after my own experiences.
                                Common Projects                                 Axel Arigato

Feel the cool breeze on your knees:
            Jeans in the summer? Seeing as how hot out summers can get, looking good is still number one on peoples lists and these pair of jeans might be on their mind when thinking so. These Saint Laurent jeans being highly sought after but very unobtainable due to its 1300$ price point might throw you off, but don’t give up on them just yet as there are many alternatives to these ripped jeans. Before doing your research on the perfect pair of distressed denim, maybe look into your closet for a pair of jeans that already fit you well enough and approach it the DIY way. DIY being a very popular trend, there are many video tutorials online that teach you how to get this distressed look for almost free. If DIY isn’t your forte, then spending some money on a pair of Represent Clothing jeans might be the answer for you. While the quality is very exceptional, the price point being almost a quarter of Saint Laurent’s, these jeans will for sure give you the same look.
                                  Saint Laurent          Represent Clothing

Vintage? In the 21st century?
            Bring the old-school style back! With the roar of vintage clothing and band tees, brands have taken advantage of this and started to come out with their own. Very trendy brand Fear of God run by Jerry Lorenzo had come out with a reworked Metallica band tee that retailed for 300$... bizarre, right? Why buy a reworked band tee for 300$ when you can have some fun and go thrift one yourself? If you’re that lazy type, then I have an option for you. Local Toronto stores such as Urban Outfitters and H&M always have the right alternatives for whatever you’re looking for especially these trendy band tees.

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