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Winter weather and temperamental temperatures take up most of Canadian calendar year, but it doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our wardrobe. These ideas transition us from summer to winter and back again.

Layers on Layers on Layers

Layers are not only fashionable, but also practical. Piling on a cardigan or a cable-knit sweater over your summer wardrobe allows you to create looks that actually keep you warm and comfortable in the chilly seasons. They’re also easy to pull off or put back on as the temperature fluctuates.

An easy trick to not over-do your layering is to mix and match the silhouettes of your tops and bottoms; fitted jeans with a slouchy cardigan is an easy combination for the colder months. It’s also good to remember that heavier fabrics can make even the breeziest dress more winter appropriate: pair off your swinging summer dress with a leather jacket and you’re ready for the transitional winter-spring.

Searching High and Low
Lately, the midriff baring 90s have been topping street style looks, however a bare belly does little for comfort for when the temperatures dip below zero. The solution? Pair your new and loved crop top with a high waisted pant and keep yourself cute and covered in the winter seasons.
Tight-en Up!
Adding tights to an outfit is a fun way to play around with colour, patterns and texture for cooler seasons while extending the wearability of your favourite shorts or skirts, all while keeping your legs covered up in cooler months. In the fall and winter, nude tights can keep up the illusion of carefree summer style, while opaque, textured tights can make the simplest look seem cosy and autumnal. When slipping into the warmer months, you can lower the denier count in your tights before bringing back the bare legs-- higher denier makes for thicker, thus warmer, tights.

If tights aren’t your style, you could opt for leggings as an alternative. They have the coverage, stretch and fit of tights without having to deal with the mechanics of clothing.

Footwear Follies
In the unsureness of transitional months, a simple thing to do in order to keep your wardrobe in line with the weather is to mind your footwear. Switching up your shoes can help a look go from warm and breezy to cool and collected. Swap out your lace up booties for sandals when the weather gets warmer; even a sundress can find its way into winter wardrobe with the addition of a few extra layers and a chunky leather boot.

Accessorise Accordingly
A simple change in accessories can change your “jeans and a t-shirt” look from winter to spring. Swap out your fringed suede bag for a simple canvas tote and your knit scarf for a statement collar and your look has quickly and efficiently shifted seasons.

Colour Me Seasonal
Every season has a tried and true colour scheme that works its way into every wardrobe and makes it easy to spot an uneasy transition while the weather is inconstant; a style savvy someone should keep in mind the colours that they wear from one season into the next. Keep the navy blues and deep jewel tones in the cooler seasons, while your pastels and crisp whites are more suited when the flowers are in bloom. It’s good to keep in mind, though, with neutrals, minimalism and capsule wardrobes becoming more and more prevalent in fashion realms, it’s easy for colours to carry over from one season into the next.

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