Monday, February 06, 2017

GET YOUR CREEP ON - follow these creatives on Instagram for all your fashionable, investigative needs.

If you’re going to be on Instagram, nix following another Kardashian and look to these four leading Canadian creatives for all your fashionable investigative needs.

Petra Collins

Frequently used emoji: Sparkles
Signature pieces: Silk blouse, floral 90s dress and Gucci bag
Say hi to the OCAD graduate who is a spicy feminist with unprecedented talents behind the lens. Famed photog. Collins regularly works with Wonderland, Vogue and Rookie Magazine, does casual campaigns for Adidas and Stella McCartney—no big. If that’s not enough, Collins moonlights as model and muse for the house of Gucci. Her IG is the reason why people say the term lit in public and since Vogue named her one of the 40 creatives to watch in 2016, girl's a hard follow.

Preetma Singh

Frequently used emoji: Pizza slice
Signature pieces: Neon windbreaker, graphic tee and boyfriend jeans
Singh might be the baddest chick IG has the honour to host. Born in Toronto, Singh went to Princeton, where she became a fancy lawyer, only to decide to take her talents elsewhere (insert VOGUE). The superstar editor/model/stylist later worked for numerous other mags. including MarieClaire, Nylon and The Wall Street Journal before settling in as content producer for Nordstrom. Catch her at NYFW, where she can walk, talk and wear it all. Oh and did I mention she’s got green hair and is the drummer in a band called Vomit Face? Yea, she’s the epitome of brash, carefree angst, so keep up.

Hannah Sider

Frequently used emoji: Black heart
Signature pieces: Track pants, vintage sports tee and gold hoop earrings
The party bae behind the scenes, captures every runway show and, to quote R. Kelly,then after the show, it's the after party. And after the party, it's the hotel lobby” because she snaps those too. Sider is THEE non-stop resident cool girl, which bods well for her jet setting Instagram reel. She’s often found hanging with Lukas Sabbat, Hailey Baldwin and Sarah Snyder and that’s when she’s not busy shooting A$AP Rocky, Drake or Kenny J. It’s suspect how chill this Ryerson alum is despite her insane work hours. You want a glimpse into the good life? This won’t be a follow you'll regret.

Chloe Wise

Frequently used emoji: Butterfly
Signature pieces: Balenciaga hat, mini skirt and overalls
Remember when the fashion community went nuts for a Chanel No. 5 bagel bag back in 2014?! That fashion fake out was thanks to Wise’s satirical sculptural art piece. Since then the oil painter, sculptural and video artist Wise has been busy with international exhibits, a Marc Jacobs campaign and low-key book to push. The Montreal native can be found laughing her way through the streets of NYC, or in studio donning a cowgirl hat. Her IG feed is constantly filled with eccentric style, mixed with the sass of a thousand Chelsea Handlers. Do you love to laugh while perusing genius art? Hit that follow.


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