Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why Superstar again ?

Why Superstar again?

When you walk on the street, how many times have you seen these 90’s looking Adidas sneakers these days? Personally, I feel like spotting them at least 15 times -20 times a day.

Those sneakers are must-have items for young girls who are consciously fashionable. Especially popular for fashion students that would make you feel left out if you don’t own a pair. It wasn’t so popular before so how did these Adidas sneakers get so popular all of a sudden?  

The style that made Adidas earn the best time of brand itself nowadays is Stan-smith, Super Star.  If you knew about the timeline of Adidas, those styles have been around since 1980s. Retro has been one of most popular trend since 2015 and definitely brought back those shoes to the market. Obviously, Adidas did not have to come up with new designs to satisfy their customers, which means they saved the budget to invest in designing the products. I would say those sneakers are lucked out in terms of timing and being loved by many fashion bloggers and celebrities. On top of that, Adidas marketed wisely and broadly all over the world.

However, we need to talk about the style of those shoes. When you look at Stan Smith, it’s so simple that you can match any outfit you like. I suppose that has been the best part of these shoes. In terms of styling your outfit with sneakers, you do not want to have too much detail in your shoes. I personally think that sneakers should be always a supporter for your outfit so that you can easily dress up and down.

The Super Star is no exception. Super star is a sneaker that has thick, solid sole with white body and has Adidas’ signature 3 black lines on the sides of the shoes. Both of them have a white body with its Adidas logo on the hill collar of the shoes that are in green, black and red color. These shoes have only a few colors, no more than 3 colors. In addition, they are so comfy that you just want to wear them all the time. I own a pair of Stan Smith and I have literally worn them at least 3-4 times a week since last summer. These styles are so popular that even high-end designers have copied its style.

Adidas had struggled with their sales in the past few years due to losing touch with American tastes. Additionally, they lost major endorsement deals to Nike. Whereas Nike has always been generating billions of dollar with famous athletics for decades.

However, Adidas recently took a different path to market its brand. Using their influence and leverage from celebrities, fashion bloggers and advertising. Targeting niche market to sell their shoes to youth commerce websites that sell to younger crowd such as Asos, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. To further expand their reach to younger demographic, they have collaborated with Kanye West (Yeezyboost350) who is a game changer to accelerate the sales.

How could we ever predict that they could be lucked out with the retro trend and earn a big number of sales with their existing product line. The question is, how many years more can retro style be still steady in terms of making sales?

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