Friday, February 19, 2016

Oh Canada! We Stand on Guard for Thee Wardrobe

Our home and native Torontonian style is unique, wonderful and our own. However, sometimes that true patriot love is not all that our wardrobe commands.

The True Patriot Style
Whether we are rocking a feathery Canada Goose paired with some classic Ugg boots in the winter or throwing on a denim or plaid shirt over a simplistic outfit anytime of the year, there are always those key pieces that we just can’t seem to shake in our day-to-day Torontonian outfits. As much as we love the comfort of a soft pair of Roots sweatpants or that new best seller at Aritzia that surely you will see at minimum 10 other individuals sporting it in the same way as you, there are still the fashion hungry individuals who crave a slightly different day to day style identity.
It is not that our Canadian adaptations of the latest and greatest worldwide fashion trends have been done incorrectly, just that there comes a time when us fashionista’s need to experiment and shake up our everyday style that will break free from some of those Torontonian style norms. How do we break free from this true north attire you ask? Well why not begin to embody the style norms of the top 3 fashion capitals of the world. There are a few simple tricks that us Torontonians can use to alter our look so we can spend one Friday night as an ultra edgy Londoner, a busy Saturday as a hustling New Yorker and Sunday brunch as an effortlessly chic Parisian.

From Far and Wide We Break Free

The Effortlessly Chic Parisian:
 As the number one fashion capital of the world those Parisians are certainly doing
something right. So what is their oh so chic secret? Well, Parisians have a knack for taking simple items and putting them together in a way that not only looks effortless but also still super chic and fashionable.

Here’s what you will have
on your Parisian wardrobe grocery list: a timeless white buttoned down shirt, ballet flats, a good pair of jeans, specifically of the darker skinny denim family, a small scarf to be tied around your neck, a basic blazer and lastly, it is extremely uncommon for a fashion conscious Parisian to be without her classic trench coat.

The Hustling New Yorker:
When a fashionista thinks of New York she immediately thinks of “all black everything” and she is not wrong about that. As a hustler of New York, you are constantly on the go; you are running through a city that is notoriously known for never getting much sleep. This wardrobe grocery list isn’t too lengthy and minimal color is still encouraged and worth noting: a pair of black pants (culottes are definitely acceptable), fashionable athletic footwear such as the Nike Roshe, that you wouldn’t necessarily wear to the gym but you would wear them out and about for trendy points, one amazing mock sleeveless turtleneck (preferably black) and finally a pair of fairly sized dark shades. And bam! Hello New Yorker on a typical Tuesday!   

The Edgy Londoner
: In a city that is home to many big time rock bands such as the Rolling Stones, the Londoner is heavily influenced by rock n roll through their individual style. Here is how we can achieve the appropriate amount of edge: First and foremost a moto style black leather jacket to throw over your look is very key, any type of striped tee or shirt, clunky footwear such as the Doc Marten lace up flats and a short fitted or A line black skirt, which does not necessarily need to be a black colored skirt as Londoners love to mix patterns and prints and a hot red lip to add the cherry on top. With that total look you are ready for a night out as an ultra hip Londoner! 

So to all my fellow fabulous Torontonians we may not be able to hop on a plane and escape to the majestical lands of Paris, New York or London but we can most definitely play up our individual styles that allow us to feel strong and free.

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