Friday, February 19, 2016

“Pants” VS. Personality

“Pants” VS. Personality

       Underwear seems to be taking over the world of fashion. What you wear underneath it all is 
inherently as important as the designer t-shirt you bought last week or that pair of to-die-for shoes
you're wearing while reading this. Brands like Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret are getting more
notice than ever before. Even a few Toronto retailers are hopping on the bandwagon to bring you the
most chic undergarments. Untitled & Co. is bringing all the sass with their Candy Pantie
Kallone Intimi caters to your sweet yet sexy side, and Fortnight Lingerie will make you feel like an
angel on earth in their timeless romantic undergarments.

With the rising fame of undergarments, we pose the question; what do your panties say about you?

Boy Shorts

You’re a laid-back girl. You enjoy sports and being comfortable. You’re confident and have a sense of
authority. Comfort comes first so you can always be at the top of your game. You’re friendly and
charismatic, and your friends all think you’re at the top of the scale when it comes to your humor.
You like the simple things in life. You don’t need to spend time or money on frilly panties; you’re
happy to spend your hard-earned money somewhere else.


You are the alpha female.  A thong is the building block to confidence, although you may be a little
intimidating at times. You demand attention and have no problem having all eyes on you. You hold
your own, and are not afraid of confrontation. You’re a bad b**ch … own it!


You need to hide your panty lines? Joke. You’re a sexual woman. You march to the beat of your own
drum and don’t care much what people think of you. You’re the life of the party and everyone knows
it. You never want the party to end. You’re confident, sometimes cocky, but people are drawn to you.


You want to be comfortable throughout your exhausting day at the office. You work harder than you
should and leave little time to relax. When you have the chance, you would rather “Netflix and chill”
(literally) than go to a club and party. You enjoy the simple things in life and are laid-back by nature.
You’re a free spirit, and that’s the way you like it.

Granny Panty

You literally give zero f**k's about your underwear, and it's awesome. You’re slightly peculiar, but in the best way possible… let’s just say you’re quirky! You probably aren’t looking for anything romantic-not in those puppies at least-but you’re happy with who you are. You only need to answer to yourself, and really, what could be better?

In all reality, we probably all own at least one different type of panties. Who wants to sleep in a G-string? But what you wear on a day-to-day basis can say a lot about you. Try a new pair if you haven’t already, and transform yourself into another person for a day. Also, it’s 2016; who says you can’t show the world your panties? Let the band hang out like you’re wearing Calvin’s, just don’t do the same with the back of your thong. Own what you got, and who you are. You’re amazing in every way!

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