Friday, February 19, 2016

Splurge or Save

Where to get your new summer runners

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining longer, the days are warmer. Some of us may be looking to get fit for summer which means an opportunity to shop for some new trendy running shoes. Whether you are ready to get moving or just want a new stylish runner to add to your collection. Looking for functionality, price or fashion-forward; there’s a place for everyone. Here’s a list of the best and worst places around Toronto to get the runners you need.

The runners shop
Looking for functionality? If your new to running and require a bit of help, you should defiantly make a trip to The Runners Shop located at 180 Bloor ST W. Here, you will find brands such as Asics, Brooks and New Balance that range in price from $89 to $219. These brands are certain to please and the staff are welcoming and genuine in their effort towards helping you find the perfect shoe.

Foot locker
If you’re not sure which type of runner you need but are sure you want a name brand like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour or Puma; Foot Locker is the place to go. They carry a broad product assortment focusing on product depth. Nike has a big selection of color and printed shoes for bold fashion savvy shoppers to choose from. Their assortment includes performance running shoes as well as essential classics. Staff are helpful in assisting customers find the perfect shoe through their understanding of product knowledge.

Sport Check
Looking to get the most out of your dollar? This is the store for you. Catering to more than just shoes, the assortment may not be as wide as foot locker. However, they carry name brand shoes such as Nike, Under Armour, Asics and Adidas; prices ranging from $69 - $259.  They have good sale promos, a variety of colour within each brand. Friendly staff are there to help weather you’re looking for something fashionable, functional or both.

Savvy savers, this is the place to go, you’ll get great prices with even better promotions.You won’t find the most popular brands however the shoes might do the trick until a performance running shoe is necessary. Mixture of colours and styles are offered through Champion; their main running shoe brand. Staff are welcoming and available to help you with limited product knowledge.

The last place on the list is probably the last place you would want to visit. If you are looking for something cheap and simple Walmart might be your best bet, they only have a few bands with even fewer styles.  All are priced low ranging from $10 to $50. There is very little to no customer service, the people working know little about the products and are difficult to get to assistance. If you prefer service as well as a quality runner, this probably is not the place to go.

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