Friday, February 19, 2016

                                                           World of Shoes
             A real world guide into the world of shoes for all you shoe lovers in Toronto
Summer is here and so is the chance to give your feet the warmth they have been deprived of in winters. Shoes are an essential part of our wardrobe. The best part about buying shoes is that they are bought according to the season. These seasonal changes facilitate in breaking the monotony of wearing the same shoes all over the year. Apart from being a necessity they form an integral part of our life. For all the shoe lovers in Toronto be ready to experience the world of shoes through this article where the focus is more on the new and not so famous stores in Toronto.
Comfort shoes have always been the thing of preference but for some its style over comfort so for all the ladies in town who love being different there are a couple of unconventional footwear stores in town which offer a wide variety of shoes which are made of unfamiliar material, have extraordinary high heel and come in a variety of crazy colours. The 8 best places to find these immensely impractical shoes for women in Toronto are Brodawka and Friends, Groovy, Kaliyana and Seduction Love Boutique.
Fashion sneakers are stylish enough to wear with cute summers dresses but are comfortable, supportive and a little pricey and worth every penny. They continue to be in trend and here is a list of best sneaker shops in Toronto putting some really popular ones to shame. These stores carry New Balance, Nike, Converse, and all top brands, as well as a few harder to find offerings. These stores are worth visiting though they carry less stock than big names stores. Some of these stores are Get Outside, Livestock, SVP Sports, Capsule and Exclucity.
Designer shoes are expensive but worth every dime as they are exclusive and very uncommon as not everyone can afford it. This winter the famed New York department store Saks Fifth Avenue officially opened its designer-laden gates. The store also comes with its famed “10222- SHOE” footwear department. They offer a wide range of designer brands from Gucci to Roberto Cavalli. So be ready to spend lavishly this summer because Saks is bringing the leading designers to your door step.
Small shoe stores within Toronto that offer great variety and an amazing shopping experience without burning a hole in your wallet are Heelboy at Queen Street which offers a wide variety of labels within a very affordable range (a pair of Keds for $40 or leather Dolce Vita sandals for $80), then there are a couple of more on Queen Street such as Chocolate Shoes is owned by a Korean and she imports the shoes straight from Seoul and each pair is very elegant and classy. Another very genuinely priced and stylish store is Fashionably Yours where you can find Louboutin pumps for $100. C – Squared is another shoe store on Queen Street offering designer and comfort shoes such as the sperry boat shoes to trek around on a hot summer day.
So let the cold be a thing of past because the city has a lot to offer this summer. Be sure to try these stores for an extraordinary and unusual shopping experience.  

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