Thursday, February 18, 2016

The fashion changers

The fashion changers

-By Biwen Pan
The fashion world had changed in decade. The first impression of fashion was hard to catch for normal people and it is for the celebrities, royalties and wealthy people. However, almost everyone can reach the fashion if someone loves fashion nowadays.  What is happening in the fashion world? Why almost everyone can actually catch the fashion?
In these recent years, fashion industry is more competitive and diversified than before. There are a variety of designer, fast fashion etc. brands appareled to market. In order to keep and explore the market, different brands started to adjust their brand image.
For example, Givenchy is a French high-ended couture designer brand. It used to design haute couture to celebrities, politicians, royalties etc. Since Riccardo Tisci became the head designer in Givenchy, Givenchy had another new face to everyone. Tisci not only brought new blood to Givenchy, but also create the Givenchy’s street style’s clothing line.
More and more designer brand had developed theirs clothes for the daily wear instead of only for the party or important event. And there are some of designer brand had created their lower priced line in order to explore new market to increase sales and popularity.
How to survive in this competitive environment in fashion industry? Social media has played an important role in fashion public relations within fashion industry. Social media such as blogs, photos and video sharing sites are increasingly crucial to fashion public relations. Because social medias are mostly free, people can get in touch with the fashion news etc. if they have a cellphone or a computer.
 At the meantime, there are some “fashion addicteds” started to write fashion blogs, making fashion videos on Youtube, or posting fashion photos like outfits, fashion items into social medias. Because these “fashion addicteds” are not celebrities, people are more willing to follow fashion them.
Fashion brands will sponsor these people since they are started to well known. Because these bloggers and youtubers have a range of followers and subscribers, by sponsoring products or inviting them to fashion events actually can increase brands’ popularities on the social medias.
Let’s talk about the bloggers, who are writing fashion blogs, sharing fashion ideas, outfits, fashion trends etc. Some successful bloggers have a bunch of fans in social medias.

Chiara Ferragni is an Itanlian fashion blogger, and her blog’s name is The Blond Salad. She was a dentist in Italy, and she started to blog in October 2009 when she was a student. On her blog, she is sharing outfits and fashion ideas on her website. She is always trying different styles of looks to show people how she style different outfits. She is also sharing her ideas in different areas such as: fashion, beauty, travel etc. Girls actually can see different products on the same site. There are a bunch of beautiful photos posted on her blogs.
Ferragni was introduced as “One of the biggest breakout street-style of the year” from the magazine New York.
Ferragni had successfully being a fashion blogger. And she also creates her footwear line as well.
Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni Footwear collection

Aimee Song is a Korean American interior designer based on Los Angeles. Her blog’s name is Song of Style, which is sharing her daily fashion photos such as outfits, fashion items, design inspiration, and more. She is sharing every singer day outfits by beautiful pictures and descriptions.
 And the blog also indicated the featured fashion item that she is wearing. At the same time, she also taking lots of pictures and some videos of where she goes, or something she things is interesting and beautiful.
The fashion world had changed, it changed to open to everyone. Fashion is not only for the people who can afford fashion, but also for people who love fashion.
Aimee Song

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