Monday, October 05, 2015

Super Queen You Better Work

Know all the ins and outs of becoming a couture queen! Just follow these 4 tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a couture queen…on the streets!

My inspiration for all of this is couture queen herself, RuPaul. Her look and existence is taken from starting off as a couture queen growing up as a teen in the streets of Atlanta, then moving to New York.
Tip #1 “Super Model You Better Work” - RuPaul
Being confident about outlandish looks, will get you to the top of the list. Being extravagant and that more is better into becoming a couture queen. I mean after all you are a supermodel! Bright colours, puffy dresses, extra materials and of course sparkle and shine scream couture! Let’s not forget big shoes and to accessorize to the max while complimenting your gown dress for the ball we call life on the streets. Just stay up to date with RuPaul!
Tip #2 “A Face Is Like A Work of Art, It Deserves A Great Frame” – RuPaul
Make sure your face is on and ready to for the spotlight! Being a queen will definitely come with a lot of watching. With a great outfit, comes a great face and a lot of big hair. Step outside the box and explore with all different colours of fabric, face makeup, nails and hair. Painting the face is an art and can really take you to the next level of being the ultimate couture queen, because “life is about using the whole box of crayons”, said by the fabulous RuPaul.
Tip #3 Vogue Baby
If you are planning to be a couture queen for the streets the next step is voguing. Yes, strike a pose and hold. Voguing came from the underground New York ball couture scene in the late 1980s and is so very relevant today. Willi Ninja one of the queens from that era, also known as the godfather to this style of dance, crowned the dance to be inspired from haute couture runway shows. Hugely inspired from models on the runway. The dance style that is a major part of the underground scene and the meaning of couture being on the streets and lives of everyday people. So tune up those dancing skills, so when you are done applying these colours, you can start voguing!!
Tip # 4 Last but not least, L.O.V.E.

The last tip is to love yourself and to spread love to become the ultimate couture queen! Let your inner queen shine through! “When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do”, said by RuPaul. Self-love is important to take on this role, because if you can’t love yourself, then no one else will! RuPaul truly embodies love, creativity, originality and power. All these aspects are what will truly make you a couture queen. Following all these 4 steps will lead to nothing but success and being a super queen on the streets!!

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