Saturday, October 10, 2015

From Beau to Belle

From Beau to Belle
Your ultimate guide to borrowing from the boys

We’re all guilty of doing it: us women cannot resist going to the mall and raiding the menswear section in a mission to discover some essential pieces for our already-packed, overflowing wardrobes. We love that the prices are cheaper, the fit is more comfortable, and that there is so much more variety to choose from; however, borrowing from the boys does not have to look like it sounds - we can make these pieces look way better than borrowed, and we can take ownership to menswear apparel in a way that enhances our femininity. Read below on how we transition our favourite menswear pieces from “beau to belle”.

The button-down dress shirt:
The button-down dress shirt is one of the easiest ways for women to incorporate menswear into their everyday looks. Simply un-do the bottom two/three buttons and tie the shirt around your waist to shorten the length, making it appear more fitted. Roll the sleeves and add a belt, a statement necklace, and/or a pair of sunglasses to add a pop of interest to the outfit.
Another one of our favourite ways to pull off a men’s dress shirt is to wear it as a dress. Simply wrap the shirt around your torso with the back of the shirt facing forward, and tie the sleeves around your back into a bow. This creates such a beautiful, tailored look on the body because it fits just like a glove, but of course you can always loosen the sleeves at the back as you wish. To add more interest and colour to the outfit, tie a belt around your waist, which will also further enhance your figure femininity.

The Crew-Neck Sweater:
This one isn’t so popular, but it sure earns points for its incredible comfort. Grab any basic, cozy men’s crew-neck sweater and pair it with a chunky statement necklace for a pop of colour and unexpected bling. For an ultra-feminine look, wear an a-line dress underneath so the skirt peeks out from underneath, or for a more casual look wear it with a pair of jeans and ankle booties.

The Men’s Watch:

Styling a men’s watch is one of the most clever ways to pull off a menswear piece that most other women are unlikely to repeat. Of course, it takes finding the right watch to pull this off, but that’s what we’re here for! First of all, we recommend finding one that has a chunky, thick band with a contrast of colour on the face (a gold, chunky band with a navy or red face tends to look super sharp and really adds interest to an outfit), and layer your arm with multiple bracelets that pull out the colours in the watch. In the example we mentioned, we would layer our gold watch with chain bracelets and bangles that feature gold with navy accents, and the entire outfit would be based around a neutral colour scheme so the jewelry stands out. The result is a unique display of arm candy that successfully combines menswear with beautiful feminine accents.

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